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Acts 29 Church Under Matt Chandler’s Leadership Says Christians Need to Support Gender Inclusive Bathrooms

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If you’re not familiar with the Acts 29 network, it is a coalition of churches that are bound together under the leadership of its president, Matt Chandler.

According to its website, “Acts 29 is a diverse, global community of healthy, multiplying churches characterized by theological clarity, cultural engagement, and missional innovation.” Yet, what you’ll get with any Acts 29 church is anything but “theological clarity.”

Matt Chandler is woke and has been given over completely to the social justice movement. Chandler has made headlines for saying that Black people who aren’t woke are just trying to win the “approval” of White men, pushing progressive “woke” politics, his church writing worship songs about microaggressions, comparing Black Lives Matter leaders to biblical prophets, denouncing America as racist and demonic, declaring that parts of Critical Race Theory are good (even though it’s demonic), having disdain for White people, speaking at various “woke church” social justice conferences, or sharing the stage with lesbians, racists, and charismatics all in the name of social justice.

So it should come as no surprise that one of the churches in Matt Chandler’s Acts 29 network is now calling on Christians to go all in on transgender rights. In a recent sermon by Guy Mason, one of the pastors of City on a Hill Church in Melbourne, Australia, the pastor called on Christians to do just that:

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Christians can and must lean into the rights of those who identify as transgender. The Christian philosopher Edith Stein explained, whoever is near us and needing us must be our neighbor. The love of Christ knows no limits. It never ends.

So if that means advocating for better health care and social support, if that means creating space for gender-inclusive bathrooms and policies that acknowledge a person’s humanity and inherent value, if that does mean thinking through complex questions around sports or the particular and unique struggles of the trans community face when it comes to healthcare and domestic violence and homelessness.

This sounds nearly identical to what former Southern Baptist president, JD Greear said when he called on Christians to be the first to stand up for LGBTQ rights. Mason argues that these are “complex questions” around whether or not men should play in women’s sports. If you’re a Christian, this is not complex: men should not play in women’s sports. Why this is so hard for Evangelical pastors and leaders to grasp is the only thing that’s complex and perplexing.

For those who say that this isn’t Matt Chandler’s fault, it is. It is his fault in that since he is the leader of this network, he has chosen to embrace woke theology and push a leftist narrative that can only logically end in the full embrace of leftist ideology rather than preach a clear, concise, and uncompromising gospel and biblical truth.

H/T: Woke Preacher TV


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