Republication Policy

Unless special permission is granted prior, The Dissenter welcomes the republication and posting of our original materials with the following stipulations:

For electronic republication, including blogs, websites, and emails:

  • The original author must be listed at the beginning of the article.
  • No more than half of the paragraphs with a maximum of 4 paragraphs be posted, and must contain a โ€œContinue Reading >>โ€ hyperlink to our original article.
  • Titles may not be altered in any way without permission.

For hard copy or printed republication, incidental one-time or occasional use is granted for the non-commercial purpose of education or research, so long as proper credit is given to the author and the website URL is visible on the publication (ย https://disntr.comย ).

The Fair Use doctrine shall also be a guide for usage for other purposes, such as criticism, education, or media. It is up to you to determine what constitutes Fair Use, and your determination may or may not protect you from legal inquiries.

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