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Matt Chandler Says Parts of Critical Race Theory are Good Even Though It’s Demonic

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Could you imagine if we said that pieces of Mein Kampf were helpful and should inform us, but the manifesto as a whole is a terrible god?

This is exactly what Chandler argues with Critical Race Theory.

In a recent sermon by Matt Chandler (sourced here), Chandler argues that despite the fact that he is “not a Marxist” and “not a Socialist,” and despite the fact that he believes that Critical Race Theory is demonic as a whole, nonetheless, he believes that “bits and pieces” of Critical Race Theory are good and helpful and should “inform us.”

After arguing that the Scriptures teach systemic injustice — along with personal responsibility — he then goes on to compare the Marxist-influenced zeitgeist on racism to the actual, biblical injustice of abortion.

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“The constant refrain that I’m being too political when I’m teaching about racism but not a peep of that nonsense when I preach on life and being against abortion and we send a few hundred people to D.C. to march, that’s not political but let me just read this passage out of Galatians and all of a sudden I’m being political? No No No. Personal responsibility AND systemic injustice.”

He then goes on to assert that “pieces of Critical Race Theory” are “helpful for understanding this moment,” even though the ideology as a whole “is a terrible god.”

What Chandler and these social justice warriors don’t grasp is that it isn’t that we believe that they are actively and knowingly teaching a systematic ideology of Marxism, it’s that their worldview is heavily influenced by Marxist thought. If they can grasp the concept that there is “systemic injustice” when it comes to racial issues, why is it such a stretch to acknowledge that there is systemic corruption in ideological thought?

The entire worldview of “racial injustice” is built upon an unproven and unprovable foundation that — this is why it’s referred to as a theory. We don’t build doctrines and call people to repent of theoretical sin. That’s absurd. And comparing “systemic racism” to abortion is absurd. Abortion happens, it’s a tangible sin that people commit, and when one commits it, we call them to repent and hold them accountable. There is no Critical Abortion Theory — it’s a fact.

Racism is sinful and should be rejected by Christians as with any sin. But the manner in which it is presented through Critical Race Theory paints a corrupted picture of the doctrine of sin — sin needs no help with that. Matt Chandler and his entire ilk of social justice warriors — whether they know it or not — need to understand that the narrative they are putting out is unbiblical and dishonoring to the truth of God.


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