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Matt Chandler Compares BLM Leaders to Prophets, Calls Protests “Christian Inheritance”

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Matt Chandler, pastor of The Village Church, is a well-known leader in the Southern Baptist Convention and in Woke Evangelicalism. Like most Southern Baptist leaders, Chandler is known much more for his ill-conceived theology of wokeness than his faithfulness to and rightful-handling of the Scriptures.

In accordance with our Three Reasons Matt Chandler Should Be Avoided–among which one of these reasons is his exchange of the gospel for the social gospel–Chandler expressed his frustration that many churches are choosing not to take part in Black Lives Matter protests which he refers to as “our inheritance.”

Talk about woke, this is a clear exchange of the gospel for something false. Chandler argues that the Church, during the civil rights movement, took the lead in the national protests.

“If you’ll study the civil rights movement in the 60’s, there’s a pattern that emerges there,” Chandler says. “So the predominant leader there is Martin Luther King, Jr., which we really like right now because he’s dead. I have to believe that a Martin Luther King, Jr. right now, he’d be a liberal Marxist socialist that everybody despises. We’ll quote him now because he’s not here to offend us.”

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Then, he goes on to compare not only Martin Luther King–who was a decent civil rights leader but certainly no prophet of God–to a prophet, but also the modern BLM movement leaders.

“This is what Jesus means when he says you love the prophets that are no longer with us but you don’t love the prophets that are with us today.”

The video below was posted on the Village Church YouTube channel in response to the George Floyd Black Lives Matter protests.


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