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TGC and The Same-Sex Attracted Christian Apostasy

Yesterday, the term and theological category “Same-Sex Attracted Christian” didn’t even exist. Now it’s everywhere — seemingly in every pulpit, at every conference, in...

God Strikes Dead “Partner” of Gay Anglican Priest

Keep in mind that these gay priests are just like the gay Anglican priest continuously promoted by The Gospel Coalition. Living Out -- a ministry of Sam Allberry, the gay Anglican priest continuously pushed by The Gospel Coalition and the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission -- has advocated for these kinds of "civil partnerships" and even advocated for physical man-to-man intimacy so long as it stops short of actual sex.

Anglican Primary Schools are Now Teaching Transgender Ideology to 8-Year-Old Children

The Anglican Church, an apostate denomination that can't figure out whether or not men sodomizing each other is an act of rebellion against God...

Make No Room and Have Zero Tolerance for LGBTQ Ideology in the Church

LGBTQ ideology, also sometimes spoken of as "queer theory," is a harmful and insidious force that is attempting to tear apart the fabric of...
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Christopher Yuan and the “Holy Sexuality” Movement. Is There Something Off Here?

I’ve been researching a rising star in the Evangelical ex-gay sexual ethics speaking circuit, Christopher Yuan. Yuan has what seems to be a strong...

Gross: The Gospel Coalition’s Gay Priest Says He Wears a Wedding Ring Because Jesus is “Pursuing” Him

The "same-sex-attracted" gaggle of self-described eunuchs of Evangelicism have created an entirely new religion that revolves around their aberrant sexual desires. Most of these...

Adopting LGBTQ Language, The Gospel Coalition Podcast Calls Rachel Levine a “Transgender Woman”

You hear it everywhere. The LGBTQ movement has decreed it, the left has claimed it and adopted it as their own, and even the...

The Gospel Coalition’s Resident “Ex-Lesbian” Boasts About Watching TV Show With Homosexual Sex Scenes

The new Evangelical Sexual Revolution is a term that was coined by Reformation Charlotte to expose the movement within the Evangelical Church to shift...
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Tim Keller Promotes Gay Revoice Pastor’s Book That Teaches Christianity Doesn’t Change Homosexual Desires

Memorial Presbyterian Church (PCA) — that is, from the “conservative” denomination, not the completely apostate PCUSA denomination — has been drawing a lot of...

TGC Quotes Gay-Affirming Author to Say That Pro-Sodomy Disney Movie “Whispers Jesus’s Name”

To quote one Twitter user, someone needs to take the keyboard away from The Gospel Coalition. That's because The Gospel Coalition (TGC) has traded...
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