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ERLC Disinvites Sex Pervert From Conference Celebrating a Sex Pervert

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Russell Moore, recently described the mischievous sexual behavior as demonstrating “that the pattern here was worse than what even those expecting the very worst could have imagined.” He continued, “This report pictures not a mere “moral failure,” but a pattern of predation that can only be described as criminal, sociopathic, and, indeed, satanic.”

No, he isn’t describing Martin Luther King, Jr., of whom his ERLC MLK50 Conference was dedicated to celebrating, a serial sex-trafficker who sexually abused women. He’s describing Ravi Zacharias, a serial sex-trafficker who sexually abused women.

The irony, if it isn’t clear already, is that Russell Moore has completely lost credibility in his hypocrisy. As I previously wrote, an independent investigation which was conducted by the investigative firm Miller & Martin PLLC concluded in a 12-page report that these allegations made against Zacharias were not only credible, but the evidence was overwhelming that they were true and worse than originally thought. Ravi Zacharias had sexual relationships with other women outside of his marriage.

Russell Moore describes his anger toward Zacharias in detail. He writes,

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In some ways, perhaps I am especially angry about what we learn in this report because of the personal aspect. Two of those treated reprehensibly when raising what turned out to be completely accurate lines of questioning on this—Sam Allberry and Ruth Malhotra—are friends of mine, and I resent the way that they were lied to and dismissed with gaslighting. And part of it is that I, to an order-of-magnitude less seriously, was lied to myself. 

But what enrages me the most is what the report reveals about the way that Zacharias allegedly went about preying on his victims: by using the name of Jesus Christ to do so.

Of course, he is right to be angry — Zacharias abused women.

So did Martin Luther King, Jr. And, King, as well, used the name of Jesus to do it. And, King himself, was a rank heretic who denied the deity of Christ and blasphemed his name on top of that.

But why does King get the pass while Zacharias doesn’t?

Ravi Zacharias, however, unlike Martin Luther King, doesn’t get a pass because he’s perceived as a male with authority. Ravi Zacharias, unlike King, is no longer useful to the woke movement rooted in intersectionality and Critical Race Theory. If Ravi Zacharias were fully devoted to social justice and anti-white woke social justice, he would have been given a pass. Moore writes,

Often sexual abuse survivors in church circles—especially behind closed doors— are vilified as “Jezebels” or “Potiphar’s wife.” Sexual abuse survivors have had their reputations destroyed by people in power speaking of the assaults against them as “sexual immorality” or “marital infidelity”—as though they are to be blamed for what happened to them.

If you think Russell Moore and the ERLC’s anger has anything to do with righteous indignation rather than mere virtue-signaling — angry that he was used by those whom he was using — then you are naive. No, Ravi Zacharias shouldn’t have been disinvited from the MLK50 Conference. There shouldn’t have been an MLK50 Conference sponsored by Southern Baptist tithe dollars to celebrate a sex-trafficking woman-abuser, to begin with. The whole thing reeks of false piety.


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