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False Teacher of the Day #43: Jackie Hill Perry

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The new Evangelical Sexual Revolution is a term that was coined by Reformation Charlotte to expose the movement within the Evangelical Church to shift its stance on human sexuality away from biblical fidelity toward a center-left view that embraces aberrant sexuality as normal and acceptable. This movement, particularly within mainstream Evangelicalism, typically holds to the idea that while same-sex intercourse is still forbidden, all other aspects of deviant sexuality are acceptable and not considered sinful in the eyes of God.

One of the things that the Evangelical Sexual Revolutionists like to do is point to Jesus as being tempted yet without sin (Hebrews 4:15). But this twisting of God’s word fails to recognize that while Jesus was tempted, He was not tempted by His own sinful heart the way man is–His temptation was external.

This movement has been popularized by “gay Christian” ministries such as Living Out, which was founded and led by gay Anglican priest, Sam Allberry, and Revoice, a “gay Christian” conference that teaches that same-sex relationships can be holy and acceptable in the eyes of God, even to the point of living together in close, intimate, marriage-like relationships, so long as the couple stops short of bodily penetration.

One of the leading priestesses of this movement is Jackie Hill Perry–a favorite among The Gospel Coalition and Southern Baptist types. Hill Perry, an open lesbian who ended up marrying a man–despite her continued attraction to women according to her own words–holds a number of unbiblical views.

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While being interviewed by Hold My Mule, Hill-Perry explained that as she was “coming to Jesus,” she was concerned that God wanted her to stop being a lesbian. She then explained that God told her “not to worry about” being a lesbian.

And so I say all that to say, when I first came, when I felt the Lord calling me to himself, I was just like, ‘all right, I don’t really want to be straight, though’. This is what I told God in my conversation with him in my room. And I felt like God was saying, like, ‘don’t even worry about all that, like, Come, I’m calling you to me, I want you to love me, I want you to serve me. And we’ll work all of that out’.

Besides being a high priest of the cult of the Evangelical Sexual Revolution, Hill Perry also affirms the false and blasphemous movement of Bethel Church. Hill Perry made headlines after she was dropped from an Answers and Genesis conference in 2019 for her affirmation of Bethel. She announced on Instagram that she isn’t “tribalistic” in who she fellowships with and that regardless of what other people think, she’s going to roll with heretics. Why? Because, according to Hill Perry, simply because teachers teach falsely doesn’t make them false teachers.

Hill Perry insisted that the heretical Word of Faith movement wasn’t heretical.

In a post on Twitter, she rebukes those she says hold to “Christian judgmentalism.” Of course, she does this in the most non-judgmental and loving way possible. In case you didn’t catch that, it’s sarcasm, because, of course, Hill Perry can’t see her own hypocrisy when she judges harshly those she disagrees with.

Not only is she a woke liberal feminist who promotes secular ideologies such as Critical Race Theory, intersectionality, and identity politics, but she also attacked John MacArthur for holding to biblical views on gender roles in the Church. Jackie Hill Perry, as popular as she may be, is a false teacher spreading a false gospel while cloaking it in a facade of biblical truth in order to feed it to the sheep and lead them astray. She should be avoided at all costs.


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