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Prediction: Now That Beth Moore Has Left SBC, She Will Fully Embrace Homosexuality

The Southern Baptist Convention has its numerous issues, no doubt. Yet, the nation's largest Protestant denomination still has enough conservatives in it to keep...

Beth Moore Has Departed The Faith to Embrace Homosexuality

If you think that is a big leap and jumping to conclusions, let's examine the trajectory Beth Moore has been on for the last...

Beth Moore: Calling Homosexuality a Sin is “Exceeding Scripture”

Beth Moore has been under fire lately after a group of female Bible teachers published an open letter to Moore urging her to clarify her doctrinal position on homosexuality. Moore insisted that her doctrinal views on homosexuality have not shifted over the course of her ministry.

Beth Moore Refuses to Denounce Homosexuality as Sinful

Beth Moore has been under scrutiny for the last several weeks due to her outspoken advocacy for feminism and egalitarianism in the Southern Baptist...
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Beth Moore, Jemar Tisby, Headline “Racism in the White Church” Conference at Gay-Affirming Baptist University

Baylor, a private Christian university located in Waco, Texas, is known as the largest Baptist university in the world with approximately 17,200 students on...

Beth Moore Heads Preaching Conference at Gay-Affirming “Christian” University

Beth Moore is one of Evangelicalism’s foremost progressive activists who has used her platform to advance some of the most godless ideologies in the...

“Progressive Queer Believer” Begs Beth Moore to Affirm Her on Twitter, Says She Loves Beth’s Bible Studies

Imagine being an Evangelical bible teacher who is paraded around by Southern Baptist elites, defended by seminary presidents, and platformed by Southern Baptist churches—and...

Russell Moore Blames SBC Sex Abuse on Conservative Biblical Theology

In case you missed it, a high-profile Southern Baptist leader has been implicated in allegations of sex abuse amid an investigation sanctioned by the...
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Author That Beth Moore Praises and David Platt and TGC Platforms Comes Out in Support of “Queer Theology”

We can say emphatically that a lack of discernment is a serious problem in Evangelicalism. While there are many truly born-again, well-meaning Christians who...

Dressed in Priestly Garb, Beth Moore Delivers Eucharist at Her New Anglican Church

Beth Moore, when she apostatized a few months ago and left a somewhat biblical denomination for a completely apostate denomination, made it clear that...
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