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Beth Moore, Jemar Tisby, Headline “Racism in the White Church” Conference at Gay-Affirming Baptist University

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Baylor, a private Christian university located in Waco, Texas, is known as the largest Baptist university in the world with approximately 17,200 students on its 1,000-acre campus and is affiliated with the Texas Baptist Convention, which is subsequently connected to the Southern Baptist Convention.

Last year, Baylor launched a website on sexuality that takes a softening stance on homosexuality. The website states that it is “committed to providing a caring, loving and supportive community for students in all aspects of their lives, including the development of their sexuality.

Baylor has stated its commitment to helping sexually confused people “develop their sexuality” and regularly hosts prominent gay activists while homosexual groups petition the school to reject conservative speakers. Earlier this year, Baylor granted its first charter to an LGBTQ student group called Gamma Alpha Upsilon.

This is the school where Beth Moore will be joining Jemar Tisby for a conference called “Racism in the White Church.”

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First off, there is no such thing as the “White Church.” Just as there is no such thing as the “Black Church,” there is only the true Church with Christ as the head and the body of believers under His authority, and the false church, which Jemar Tisby, Beth Moore, and Baylor University are all a part of. The false church operates under the delusion that God’s word is not authoritative, even if they say that it is, and has abandoned the gospel of Jesus Christ for some other cause, usually a social justice cause.

Typical distinctives of the false church include the redefining of biblical justice causes such as the pro-life movement to “pro-life from the womb to the tomb,” meaning, that for one to be truly pro-life, one must embrace a socialistic ideology of wealth redistribution. The false church also embraces the LGBTQ movement on various levels, ranging from “gay celibacy” to outright inclusion of practicing homosexuals. You will also find various other causes rampant in the false church including feminism (Beth Moore) and anti-conservatism.

The conference, which is headlined with the quote, “Time to Wake Up,” describes itself as “the second of a three-year sequence of programs on confronting racism in the white church and seeking God’s justice.” So this begs the question: what do they mean by “God’s justice”?

Well, the answer to that can be found in Jemar Tisby’s (and his ministry’s) history. First off, Tisby and his entire ministry are well-known for lying. Tisby is one of the leading agitators of the modern racial division in Evangelical churches in America. He regularly incites hatred and division between blacks and whites by indicting all white people with the inherent guilt of former white American slave owners simply by the virtue of the color of their skin and insisting that all white people are obligated to self-atone for their inherent sin through various and unending reparative acts.

Tisby, who now works for Ibram X Kendi, one of the world’s premier anti-White racists, also operates his own ministry called The Witness. His ministry partner, Ally Henny, is not only pro-choice but has openly admitted that she doesn’t want to be around White people and when she is around them, she’s so uncomfortable that she has to make up lies about them in order to label them as “racists.” Here, Henny openly states that she believes abortions should be legal:

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Tisby is an idolater of skin color. Sadly, he remains a slave to his identity in ethnicity and has been unable to find his way off the woke plantation despite multiple pleadings to flee. He is the epitome of self-oppression. There, he finds security and comfort and he, along with his colleagues at his organization, The Witness, will do practically anything to convince themselves to remain under its authority, including lying.

Tisby accused white Christians of “trotting out black people” to “parrot their talking points.” Arguing that “Christian nationalists” — meaning white, conservative Christians — are responsible for putting the “Critical Race Theory” label on black Christians who advocate for Marxism. He argues that black Christians — the ones who push the fundamentals of cultural Marxism and cloak it in Christian language — aren’t actually pushing Critical Race Theory despite the fact that they are. Tisby lies and, of course, blames that label on white people.

Last year, Tisby accused the Southern Baptist Convention of not condemning”Christian nationalism.” Understand that to Jemar Tisby and his ilk, the following terms overlap: Christian Nationalism, White Nationalism, White Supremacy, Alt-Right, Xenophobe, Trump Supporter, Conservative, and Racist. For Tisby and his ilk, if you’re any of these, you’re all of them. Last year, Tisby tweeted the following after Southern Baptist seminary presidents denounced Critical Race Theory.

As Critical Race Theory has served to cause serious division in the denomination, much across racial lines, finally, a few saw that it was necessary to turn down the heat on the boiling pot. While the move was needed, it simply isn’t enough and it left the door open for seminary professors — like Jarvis Williams — to continue to propagate the poison.

However, and Jemar Tisby knows this, the Southern Baptist Convention has not only condemned “Christian nationalism,” it has done so multiple times through multiple resolutions.

FACT: The Southern Baptist Convention in 2017 voted on a resolution condemning Christian nationalism and white supremacy. The resolution reads, in part:

WHEREAS, Racism and white supremacy are, sadly, not extinct but present all over the world in various white supremacist movements, sometimes known as “white nationalism” or “alt-right”; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention, meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, June 13–14, 2017, decry every form of racism, including alt-right white supremacy, as antithetical to the Gospel of Jesus Christ; and be it further

RESOLVED, That we denounce and repudiate white supremacy and every form of racial and ethnic hatred as of the devil; and be it further;

Keep in mind that the Southern Baptist Convention has officially denounced racism and apologized for its previous sentiments on slavery numerous times, including in: 1941 Resolution Concerning Race Relations, 1961 Resolution On Race Relations, 1978 Resolution On Racism, 1989 Resolution On Racism, 1993 Resolution On Racial And Ethnic Reconciliation, 1995 Resolution On Racial Reconciliation On The 150th Anniversary Of The Southern Baptist Convention, 1996 Resolution On The Arson Of African-American Churches, 2015 On Racial Reconciliation, 2016 On Sensitivity And Unity Regarding The Confederate Battle Flag, 2017 On The Anti-gospel Of Alt-right White Supremacy, 2018 On Renouncing The Doctrine Of The “curse Of Ham” As A Justification For Racism, and 2019 On Critical Race Theory And Intersectionality (a resolution actually supporting CRT/I). And the only reason there wasn’t a resolution condemning some version of white-on-black racism in 2020 is that there was no convention meeting in 2020.

So what does Tisby mean my “God’s justice” then? Well, he wants your money. It’s really that simple. These people are covetous, believe that White people are inherently evil by the very virtue of their skin color, and believe that White people must enter a state of perpetual penance through acts of reparations in order to “atone” for their “sins” of “systemic racism.”

In 2019, Tisby wrote a piece for Religion News Service laying out his method for White Christians to “atone” for their past acts of racism where he writes “Christians who genuinely want to atone for any personal acts of racism must focus on dismantling racial inequality as it persists across systems and society.” In 2019, Jemar Tisby made it clear that “money is going to have to be part of this equation.”

While I am certainly no fan of the Southern Baptist Convention, it is clear that, as predicted, Beth Moore’s departure from the denomination would reveal that she’s even further left than we previously imagined. Last December, we predicted that it would only be a matter of time before Beth Moore becomes full-on gay-affirming. In the article, PredictionNow That Beth Moore Has Left SBC, She Will Fully Embrace Homosexuality, we wrote:

Now, here is this author’s prediction: now that Beth Moore has parted ways with the Southern Baptist Convention and LifeWay, any and all theological restraint has been removed and we will soon begin to find out who Beth Moore really is.

Up to this point, Beth Moore has refused to take a solid stand on homosexuality. When approached for an answer, she refused to give one and then later said that it was “exceeding Scripture” to call homosexuality a sin, so she would refrain from doing it.

I think we’re beginning to see her answer and it won’t be long before she’s saying it outright.


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