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Prediction: Now That Beth Moore Has Left SBC, She Will Fully Embrace Homosexuality

by | Mar 10, 2021 | Apostasy, Feminism, LGBTQ Issues, Opinion, Social Justice, Social-Issues, The Church | 0 comments

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The Southern Baptist Convention has its numerous issues, no doubt. Yet, the nation’s largest Protestant denomination still has enough conservatives in it to keep it from complete and total apostasy. And while certain sects in the denomination have embraced a softer form of homosexuality–namely, gay “celibacy”–what we’ve not seen is a complete and total apostasy in the form of homosexual inclusion.

There are plenty of homosexuals running rampant in the Southern Baptist Convention, but the one thing that separates the denomination from total apostasy is that these homosexuals at least claim to be non-practicing. And while many of them openly admit they’re still attracted to people of the same sex, they are either married to someone of the opposite sex or claim to be “celibate.”

Arguing the theological validity of this softening stance on homosexuality is for another post, but it has been covered extensively at Reformation Charlotte.

If you’ve followed social media and you’re a professing Christian, you’re probably aware by now that Southern Baptist lady-preacher, Beth Moore, is now officially ex-Southern Baptist. Yesterday, she announced publicly that she was parting with LifeWay, the Southern Baptist publishing branch that publishes her “bible studies,” and that she could no longer “identify as a Southern Baptist.” In summary, her reasoning was that the denomination is filled with hateful white supremacists who supported Donald Trump and reject the social justice movement taking over all of Evangelicalism. She said she’d “had enough” of it.

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Now, here is this author’s prediction: now that Beth Moore has parted ways with the Southern Baptist Convention and LifeWay, any and all theological restraint has been removed and we will soon begin to find out who Beth Moore really is.

Up to this point, Beth Moore has refused to take a solid stand on homosexuality. When approached for an answer, she refused to give one and then later said that it was “exceeding Scripture” to call homosexuality a sin, so she would refrain from doing it.

Now, keep in mind that this is the woman who insists God told her not to witness to a man at an airport, and instead, shuffle through his luggage to find a hairbrush so she could brush his hair. This is also the woman who insists God told her in a dream to go to a bus stop she’d never been to before, find a random woman, and give her money. And this is also the woman that insists God lifted her up and gave her a vision telling her that He was going to unite all sectors of Christendom — including Roman Catholicism. Yet, in one of the rare situations where Beth Moore actually wrote something biblically sound and true — a clear position on the sinfulness of homosexuality — she later retracts the statement and insists that she’s “exceeded Scripture” and then said that by writing that, she was “doing more harm than good.”

Beth Moore’s daughter, Melissa Moore, who is on staff at Beth’s Living Proof Ministries, has already openly embraced homosexuality. Earlier this year, Melissa Moore affirmed a lesbian priest in her homosexual relationship. And Beth has all but admitted that she has embraced homosexuality. She has joined hands with gay activists a number of times for various causes — usually for opposing the biblical view on something. She has refused to denounce homosexuality as sinful and says that doing so is “exceeding Scripture.”

One of Beth Moore’s best friends online is Jen Hatmaker, who has fully and openly embraced homosexuality. In 2018, Jen Hatmaker tweeted that she wanted to be baptized an Episcopalian by a pro-gay bishop–Beth Moore liked that tweet.

Prior to 2016, LifeWay carried Jen Hatmaker’s books. However, in 2016, when Hatmaker came out of the closet and announced she was 100 percent on board with men sodomizing each other and women exchanging natural relations with men to become lesbians, LifeWay, to their credit, announced they would no longer carry her garbage.

For Beth Moore, whose materials have been published and sold primarily by LifeWay, this threat has loomed over her and kept her in check. While it is demonstrably obvious that Beth Moore has departed the faith and embraced this alternative, unbiblical theology, as evidenced by the people she runs in circles with, her status as a Southern Baptist has prevented her from fully exposing herself for who she is and what she truly believes.

Now, all bets are off and this author predicts that over the next few months, we’re really going to find out who Beth Moore is.

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