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Chairman of Hatmaker’s Child Sex Change Org Also Active in North Point’s LGBTQ Kids Ministry

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Protestia’s recent investigation has unveiled disturbing actions by Legacy Collective, a pro-LGBTQ financial front group co-founded by Jen Hatmaker. The Collective, through its ‘Mama Bears’ initiative, has funneled $150,000 into organizations promoting highly controversial practices, including Kind Clinic and Gender Spectrum. Most concerning, some of these groups advocate for and provide “gender-affirming care” to minors as young as three years old, and many include irreversible surgical procedures and hormone therapies that equate to nothing more than genital mutilation to minors.

Legacy Collective’s financial support extends to Texas Health Action, a provider of gender-affirming care for minors, pushing back against protective legislation like Texas’s Senate Bill 14. This bill aims to shield minors from harmful interventions, but Hatmaker’s organization is effectively financing a campaign against it.

More disturbing findings from Protestia spotlight other grantees, like TransFamily Support Services and The Equality Crew (TEC), both offering resources for early-age gender transition. TEC’s celebration of the defeat of Arkansas’ SAFE Act, a safeguard against gender-affirming surgery and hormone therapy for minors, reveals a deeply troubling ethos. Legacy Collective’s financial support not only props up these morally bankrupt organizations but also serve to normalize and promote the potential mutilation of young children under the guise of “gender-affirming care.”

But this really isn’t all that surprising coming from Hatmaker. Jen Hatmaker first publicly renounced Christianity in an interview with Jonathan Merritt—an openly homosexual activist and son of former Southern Baptist Convention president, James Merritt—and says she first questioned Evangelical Christianity because homosexuals couldn’t have sex with each other. She also says that Beth Moore is her “mentor.”

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Jen Hatmaker, who filed for divorce after revealing that her daughter was a flaming lesbian after affirming homosexuality and other sexual perversions for a number of years, said on a podcast with Alicia Crosby that the church simply isn’t black enough, gay enough, and transgender enough for her taste. So, of course, Hatmaker supports the worst of the worst pro-sodomy organizations.

But what we didn’t know is that the board chairman of Legacy Collective, the organization funding the genital mutilation of three-year-olds, is also deeply connected to the pro-LGBTQ ministry at Andy Stanley’s North Point. As we’ve reported previously, North Point runs a ministry for parents of LGBTQ children called Embracing the Journey. This ministry is led by a woman pastor named Debbie Causey. Embracing the Journey is also used at Saddleback Church, formerly pastored by Rick Warren. And a highly controversial homosexual involved in Embracing the Journey is a man named B.T. (Brett Trapp) Harman.

In 2017, during a pro-LGBTQ event at North Point, B.T. Harman was invited to give a talk promoting his work in various LGBTQ organizations around Atlanta, including his work with North Point’s own Embracing the Journey. Following the talk, North Point pastor, Clay Scroggins led the congregation in prayer for Harman and praised him for his work.

Here is part of that prayer:

“Father, we just thank you for tonight. I thank you for Brett… I just thank you for his courage and for his authenticity and his genuineness…I just pray that you would continue to use him in powerful ways. I pray that you’d continue to give him creativity in the way he shares his message. You’ve clearly gifted him massively God, just the way he uses words, the way you’ve given him so much help.

...I just pray that you would continue to use him, not just with the LGBT community, but God that you would use him to create more allies for that community. That you would use him in the lives of parents who have kids who have come out. But God for everyone of us that has a secret that we’d never told anybody or something that about ourself that we feel like you can’t accept, I just pray that you’ll continue to use him in powerful ways to free prisoners. Because that’s your ministry and that’s ultimately what we’re all here to do. So I just thank you for him, and I thank you for his willingness to be a part of this tonight.”

B.T. Harman speaking at North Point

Clearly, Harman has continued to be used—but clearly not by God. Harman, like Hatmaker, Andy Stanley, and all the other snakes wrapped up in this pro-LGBTQ movement taking the professing Church in its grips, are being used by Satan. Harman, again who serves as Board Chairman of Hatmaker’s Legacy Collective, and is also highly involved in the LGBTQ children’s ministry at North Point, is using funds to promote organizations that offer sex changes to children as young as three. And Andy Stanley apparently sees no problem with this.


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