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Pro-Gay Jen Hatmaker Calls Beth Moore Her “Mentor” as Moore Trashes Her Husband on Hatmaker’s Podcast

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Jen Hatmaker has been receiving a number of high-profile endorsements lately. A couple of weeks ago, Reformation Charlotte reported that Hatmaker received a glowing endorsement by Max Lucado, who has been regarded as fairly orthodox in conservative Evangelical circles. Now, Hatmaker received the same endorsement from Southern Baptist lady-preacher, Beth Moore.

Hatmaker first came out of the closet of homosexual affirmation during an interview with Jonathan Merritt, son of former Southern Baptist president, James Merritt. Subsequently, the SBC book store Lifeway pulled her materials from their shelves.

While Beth Moore has refused to take a solid position on LGBTQ when asked repeatedly, interestingly, Lifeway still peddles her materials.

In a recent episode of Jen Hatmaker’s podcast, Hatmaker was joined by Beth Moore for a mutually-affirming session of glowing accolades handed back and forth to each other. But before the accolades were handed out, Beth Moore took a few moments to trash her husband on air while referencing “bad fruits.”

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Hatmaker asks Beth Moore, “Can you talk about good and bad fruit?” She replies, “Oh, I will…I will, because this has been such a fog-thinning season.”

I don’t know how many more years it will take, but I’m trying to figure out this summersault I feel like I have been through. But one of the things that we talk about in the book is being able to look at what kind of fruit something bears. Remember, a very basic, basic truth that Jesus gave us is that, “You will know a tree by its fruit.” So there’s always time involved, and then there’s this ability to look and see.

One example I give, because you need something that you can wrap your imagination around that is real, for you who are listening, for instance, I said, “It really never worked for me to really, really push very hyper, hyper, hyper righteous homes.”

And by that, I mean I wanted a Godly home in the worst way. Don’t misunderstand what I mean…But the more I pushed Keith…that I would not want to watch anything above a PG rating…or that I tried to make everything, and I wanted everything. I wanted him to lead us in devotionals. All of these things. Well, the more I pushed him, the more he rebelled, the worse he got. The worse his language got. And of course, who wants that?But he was just ornery, and I would’ve been too if it would’ve been reversed. So it did not bear good fruit, it didn’t. I can look and I can see over time—you always add time to the equation. This plus time, was it good fruit or bad? Well, it was bad fruit.Well, I’m watching some of that even in cultural Christianity in America, watching what is bearing bad fruit.

Of course, this whole trashing session was met with nods and affirmations from Hatmaker the whole time.

Of course, the session couldn’t be ended without the exchange of mutual affirmation of one another, Beth Moore says,

Jen Hatmaker, I love you so much. Can I say something that I say about you? Every time, you know how you and me, we’re always fielding for one another. Because we’ve both been through so much. And I’ll tell you, something I say every now and then, if I ever hear a single negative word, I say, “You know how I know you don’t know Jen Hatmaker?” “How I’m positive that you don’t know her, is because it is utterly impossible to know the woman and not love her. So I know this, I know with the attitude I’m getting right now you don’t know her. Because if you knew who, you would love her.” And that I want to say to you. When I told my girls I was taping with you today…

And Hatmaker returns the favor by talking up her “mentor” Beth Moore,

I love you so much, and I’ve told you this in public and I’ve told you this in private, but I just want to say it one more time. Your mentorship right now, your leadership, not just to all of us, to the church, and not just to the community of women, but to me personally in my life as a mom, as a wife, as a leader—t has meant so much to me that I can hardly even talk about it right now. I feel so verklempt over it, but I want to tell you, and I know you don’t care a hill of beans about this, but this is just my way of telling you how far reaching it is.

But I have this very weird position to find myself in several very strange but very different circles. Somehow I’m in all of them, I don’t really know, I don’t have a good category for myself. A lot of it, they’re here, they’re there, they’re ancillary. But everywhere I exist as a member of a community, as a leader, whatever sort of faith community and which, wherever direction it leans. You are beloved as a faithful and courageous leader.


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