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Proponent of James Cone’s Black Liberation Theology Joins Michael Horton’s White Horse Inn Ministry

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In 2020, Michael Horton, a prominent theologian in Reformed-Evangelical circles and host of the podcast “White Horse Inn,” denounced support for Donald Trump as “The Cult of Christian Trumpism” in an article for The Gospel Coalition.

Horton’s Systematic Theology on the Christian Faith has been widely read and respected, including by the author of this passage. However, Horton has increasingly embraced the “woke” social justice movement in the Evangelical Church over the past few years, which is concerning.

While it has been clear that Horton has always been somewhat sympathetic to the woke movement, this has increasingly become a major blind spot for him. Despite his excellent theological works, in recent years, he has taken an increasingly leftist stance, and some of his statements raise questions about his reliability for sound, biblical advice.

During an episode of White Horse Inn, Horton hosted a guest who claimed that pastors who preach against the LGBTQ movement are responsible for causing suicides. Horton seemed to agree with the guest and advised pastors not to treat homosexuality differently than other sins because of this.

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Now, in a major turn of events, Horton has invited one of the most nefarious advocates for social justice and aberrant woke theology in all of Evangelicalism—Walter Strickland. Below is the announcement made on Twitter earlier this week:

So who is Walter Strickland? Walter Strickland is a professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) and is also the head of the seminary’s “Kingdom Diversity” program, which is essentially a Christian-cloaked version of Affirmative Action.

Walter Strickland is an advocate of James Cone’s Liberation Theology says that he had to embrace this false gospel in order to keep his faith.

Strickland has also argued that white people who adopt black children have a “savior complex.”

SEBTS, through its “Kingdom Diversity” (read woke) program recently addressed interracial adoption at a conference suggesting that one of the motivations for white people adopting black children is because they have a “savior complex.”

Here’s a clip that demonstrates just how given over the false gospel of Liberation Theology Walter Strickland, the White Horse Inn’s newest member, is given over to.


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