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Michael Horton Quotes Beth Moore and Cultist, Rod Dreher, to Prove “Trump Cult” is Un-Christian

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I would certainly start out by saying that I agree that there is an element of professing Christendom that has taken their support of president Trump to an un-biblical level. The president himself has surrounded himself with a number of false teachers, including and particularly, Paula White and false prophet, Mark Taylor. These charismatic false prophets and apostles have exchanged the truth about God for a lie. They should be denounced.

But the average American Trump supporter, even the die-hard supporters, do not fall into this category. The support for the rule of law and election integrity, according to some, makes one a “Trump Cultist.”

Their arguments fail. Particularly, Michael Horton, who has now embraced two apostates to make his point at The Gospel Coalition, false teacher and lady-preacher, Beth Moore and Eastern Orthodox cultist, Rod Dreher.

Michael Horton, a well-known theologian in Reformed-*ish* Evangelical circles and host of popular podcast, White Horse Inn, has now denounced support for Donald Trump as “The Cult of Christian Trumpism” in a piece at The Gospel Coalition.

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He writes,

“On Saturday, December 12, a bizarre rally was held on the Washington Mall. Shofars were blown. A flyover from Marine One was cheered by shouts of praise to the Messiah (evidently distinguished from Jesus). My Pillow founder Mike Lindell shared prophetic visions of Donald Trump.”

Yes, Mike Lindell is a clown and his Christian testimony is suspect. But is Michael Horton really going to quote these apostates to prove this? Really?

He continues,

Beth Moore sounded the alarm, and David French offered wise analysis. Rod Dreher, who just published a book decrying left-wing totalitarianism, wrote that he “began to think that all of this is the right-wing Christian version of Critical Race Theory, and various doctrines held by the woke Left.”

Beth Moore is apostate and there is virtually no disagreement on this from Bible-believing Christianity. David French is nothing but a partisan hack who deserves no attention. His commentary should be ignored as well. But it is the next comment that continues to strike me as odd — Rod Dreher doesn’t even pretend to be a born-again Christian. He belongs to the Orthodox cult — a cult that, like Roman Catholicism, is built around the idolatry of men.

Dreher was struck by how enthusiastically evangelicals seemed to participate in the inter-religious festivities.

You see, these people — Michael Horton, Beth Moore, Rod Dreher, David French — they couldn’t care any less if these people were actually caught up in a cult. If they did, they’d stop partnering with cults. There objection is political. They don’t care about you and you should ignore them. They are leftists — even those who claim to be conservatives.


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