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The Gospel Coalition Says Abortion is Morally Acceptable in “Rare Exceptions”

by | Jul 5, 2022

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In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, the world has no shortage of opinions coming from practically every mouthpiece in the nation, especially from the talking heads of the professing Church. It’s not unexpected that the liberal wing of modern Evangelicalism spouts off their pro-abortion nonsense. One pastor said that celebrating the Roe decision is demonstrative of America “going to hell” while another outright said that God is pro-choice—and even tried to contort Scripture into supporting that idiotic assertion. And yet, another said that if you celebrate the decision, you’re worthy of hellfire.

But more surprising is the rhetoric coming from the supposedly more conservative bands of Evangelicalism. While many of these talking heads remained silent in the wake of that celebratory decision, many have not been.

Last week, The Gospel Coalition put out an article urging people not to celebrate the Roe decision. Explaining that an “untold number of women” will find themselves in crisis, shock, fear, and despair, the author urged us to forget about being happy about the Supreme Court ruling—that would be, as he says, “judgmental.” Instead, we should be sad, “lowly and gentle,” like Jesus, and show them compassion.

Now, taking that a step further and to its logical conclusion, The Gospel Coalition now suggests that it is morally acceptable to have an abortion in some circumstances.

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In a recent article titled How to Respond to a Colleague Mourning Roe, the author offers a few suggestions on how to interact with co-workers who are decrying the decision and offering an “answer” to the following hypothetical:

When Roe v. Wade was overturned, I was thrilled. But I work in a liberal corporate setting, and I’m not sure how to address it at work. For example, there are times when my boss asks how everyone is doing, and a colleague or two bemoans the ruling. Do I just stay quiet and let them vent? Do I say I’m actually celebrating it? I don’t want to unnecessarily create a stir, but on the other hand, I do want to be faithful to the gospel.

He then offers four bullet points to respond to these co-workers. First, he urges people to console their co-workers by assuring them that abortion hasn’t been ended, but that it has only been returned to the states and to assure them that there are plenty of organizations out there willing to step up and offer handouts to mothers who would otherwise abort their children.

Those are awful ways to interact with someone, already, but the final point is beyond belief. The author then tells us that we should, in the case of “serious discussions,” concede that abortion is morally acceptable in rare cases. He writes:

Even after all this mediating wisdom, at some point you may have to say, “Abortion is the destruction of human life, and with rare exceptions, it’s morally unacceptable.” Such a declaration is best reserved for serious discussion, not off-hand remarks in the heat of the moment.

Do you see how he snuck that little bit of compromise in? There are NO “rare exceptions” where abortion is morally acceptable, ever. None. And don’t give me the ectopic pregnancy argument either—attempting to save a mother’s life should also be accompanied by the attempt to save the child’s life, if at all possible. But even when not possible, that is not an abortion.

What The Gospel Coalition is doing is bringing in destructive doctrines, slowly, like a frog boiling in water. This way, they can move the Overton window of abortion acceptability slightly to the left without anyone noticing. Soon, every Evangelical leader in the nation will believe that abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare.”

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