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The Gospel Coalition Urges Not to Celebrate, But to Empathize With Pro-Abortion Mothers Amid SCOTUS Decision

by | Jun 28, 2022 | News | 0 comments

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If you want to find the kind of luke-warm Christianity God detests—like the church in Sardis that God said he would vomit from his presence—look no further than The Gospel Coalition. Amid the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade which ended 50 years of the guaranteed right to murder innocent children in the womb, Evangelical leaders are urging Christians to temper their celebration.

For the last several years, Big Eva (the “Big Evangelical” industrial complex) leaders have spent the better part of their time trying to convince us that voting Democrat is a morally acceptable choice given the “fact” that conservatives “couldn’t do anything about abortion anyways.” Thankfully, that argument has been exposed for the fraudulent lie that it was and those trying to convince us of its truth now have nothing left to convince us that Republicans and Democrats are just the same.

So now they have one option left—try to convince us that overturning Roe v. Wade is not worth celebrating and that in the midst of this “terrible tragedy” for some women, we should empathize with them and “understand their pain.”

In The Gospel Coalition’s latest attempt at derailing your biblical worldview, in an article titled After Roe, Choose Compassion over Culture War, the author starts out by recalling when, as a teenager, he and his girlfriend found out that she was pregnant, and recalling the fear and uncertainty they faced at the time. The author then recalled being offered a “way out” by the doctor, and from there, he jumps into a diatribe against Christians who celebrate life.

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Playing on the emotions of the weaker vessel (1 Peter 3:7), the author, James Forsyth, attempts to convince us that it is normal for scared women, teenagers, and those in uncomfortable and unprepared situations to see abortion as a viable option to an unexpected pregnancy. And this is where Forsyth calls on Christians not to celebrate the fact that the federally-protected “right” to kill your child no longer exists, but to empathize with women and understand them.

“Christians on both sides of the aisle should welcome this ruling,” Forsyth writes. “Our views on abortion aren’t to be shaped by our politics but by the value God places on life. He made humanity in his image; every human soul possesses unspeakable value, dignity, and worth.”

Sure, and besides the fact that there are not actual Christians on “both sides of the aisle” of this ruling, for the most part, I would agree with that statement. But his next statement is where it gets really weird—at least from a Christian perspective. He writes, “But as we welcome this ruling, we must be measured in our response. Now isn’t the time for the church to beat its chest in celebration of a victory in the culture war. This is a moment for us to step up in love.”

He then offers three suggestions on how to “step up in love.”

Explaining that an “untold number of women” will find themselves in crisis, shock, fear, and despair, Forsyth urges us to forget about being happy about the Supreme Court ruling—that would be, as he says, “judgmental.” Instead, we should be sad, “lowly and gentle,” like Jesus, and show them compassion.

Here’s the thing, The Gospel Coalition and its various subtypes have set themselves up as the sole arbiters of what sin is acceptable and what is not. Which kind of sinners we should have compassion for “like Jesus” and which kind we shouldn’t. You see, Jesus hates “racism” and “white supremacy” and those people must be purged from the Church. But Jesus has compassion for mothers who want to murder their children because, well, that’s gospel coalition-y.

Arguing that despite the fact that Christians actually do offer more help to pregnant mothers than anyone else, “now is not a time for the church to pat itself on the back. Instead, it’s time for us to redouble our efforts.” The idea that justice for millions of unborn children in the womb comes with the responsibility of the Church to become the full-time caregivers of millions of unwed mothers who became pregnant and would have otherwise sought abortions is simply absurd. Offering charitable services to those who truly desire help from the Church to get back on their feet is not a bad thing. But let me be emphatically clear: it is not a requirement or a prerequisite for justice.

So then, what is the Church’s responsibility in dealing with the countless mothers who will ultimately find themselves in an unexpected pregnancy? It is the Church’s mission to preach the gospel and to call those who have sinned against God to repent and trust in Jesus. The Scriptures do not call on us to be pragmatic and it is unfeasible to expect the Church to take on that entire responsibility. It is the duty of the Church to take care of its own (Matthew 25:40), and those mothers who truly come to Christ should certainly be helped.

Again, it’s not wrong, per se, to offer help to those in need, but it is not a requirement, and in no way should we lament that we’ve not done what we are not called to do. We should mourn over sin, and where sin occurs, we should confront it with the gospel. But, where persistent sin has been hindered, we should always celebrate, joyfully, loudly, and proclaim the great name of Christ our savior in the process. It is what the Scriptures tell us to do.

Praise the Lord!
Praise God in his sanctuary;
    praise him in his mighty heavens!
Praise him for his mighty deeds;
    praise him according to his excellent greatness!
—Psalm 150

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