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Many Evangelicals Silent Today as Roe v. Wade Is Overturned

by | Jun 24, 2022

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Today marks a historic day in America as one of the longest-running blights on the face of this nation has finally been removed. Today, the Supreme Court—much of whom were hand-picked by former President Donald Trump—overturned the infamous Roe v. Wade decision.

Roe v. Wade was the flawed Supreme Court decision that has stood for over 50 years that guaranteed a woman the “constitutional” right to kill her unborn child if she did not want to carry him through to birth. That ruling has resulted in the deaths of millions upon millions of innocent unborn children in this nation alone. And while the ruling to overturn that decision today does not and will not end abortion, it is a certain and necessary step in that direction as the federal courts can no longer strike down state laws on abortion.

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As this blight on America has finally been lifted, one would think this to be cause for celebration among the Church’s most vocal activists against abuse—namely Beth Moore, Russell Moore, and their ilk. After all, what’s more abusive than the cold-blooded murder of an innocent child who’s never taken his first breath?

But that isn’t the case. Those voices are silent. In fact, the moment that ruling was made public, those vocal voices went into complete silence. As of the time of this writing, Beth Moore has paused from her spastic, every-couple-minutes Twitter tirades, to give us this very important message: …nothing.

And, of course, there’s Andy Stanley. Stanley likes to blather constantly about the evil acts of white supremacy, racism, and white nationalism—but today, he paused to let us know what he thinks about the Supreme Court ruling: …nothing.

Those who are at least making an attempt to speak out on the ruling are using the opportunity to steer the Church toward embracing socialism. Here’s Thabiti Anyabwile telling us that we shouldn’t just work to “forbid abortion,” but embrace an ethic that promotes financial welfare for mothers.

For The Gospel Coalition author, Duke Kwon, his primary concern is how saving innocent lives will serve to intensify concerns about women’s health, equity, and “injustice”—whatever that is.

And like a broken record, the Big Eva types repeat the mantra: make abortion unnecessary and unthinkable—the motto of the upcoming ERLC conference which suggests that because the Church hasn’t been involved in enough social justice, abortion has been thinkable and necessary.

The fact is, for the Christian, abortion is already unthinkable and unnecessary. It is only conceivably necessary for those who have ulterior motives, self-interests, and social agendas. The entire Evangelical Twittersphere is filled with this mantra today. Those people, however, do not understand the God of life whom they are dishonoring with their words.



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