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Jen Hatmaker Now Pushing “God is a Woman” Heresy, Says Earth Would Be Liberated if All People Were Valued as Divine

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Jen Hatmaker, who first publicly renounced Christianity in an interview with Jonathan Merritt — a gay activist and son of former Southern Baptist Convention president, James Merritt — and says she first questioned Evangelical Christianity because gay people couldn’t have sex with each other, is now pushing the “God is a black woman” heresy and says that Earth would be truly liberated if all people were valued as “divine.”

Hatmaker, who refers to Beth Moore as her “mentor” and who says that the Church isn’t Black, gay, and transgender enough, filed for divorce in 2020 after revealing that her own daughter was a lesbian. This explained why she, like so many unregenerate false converts, began relentlessly pushing the homosexual agenda in the Church. One of the first steps toward complete apostasy is trying to transform God’s bride into a prostitute by pushing a false gospel.

That is Jen Hatmaker in a nutshell.

Below is her latest reprise of heresy in a podcast with Dr. Christina Cleveland. Once again, credit for this goes to Woke Preacher TV on Twitter.

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Jen Hatmaker: “It would truly be the liberation of earth if everybody was valued as divine.”

Dr. Christena Cleveland: Every human being, regardless of your race or gender, needs to be transformed by sacred blackness and…sacred femininity.

Jen Hatmaker: That’s good.

Dr. Christena Cleveland: That awakens in us this, like, wise fire.

Jen Hatmaker: I like it.

Dr. Christena Cleveland: In our bodies, you know?

In her podcast intro, recorded post-interview, Hatmaker explores the “feminine divine,” stating “viewing Jesus as a white man and God as Father or as a man, period … ruling with an iron fist and this powerful, almost punitive approach to humanity generally serves one group of people and one gender.”

Video of the interview originally found by @WokePreacherTV


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