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The Religious Traitors Who Plan to Hand You Over to the Slavemaster State Are Right Before You

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During American Chattel slavery, there was a certain type of slave known as the “Uncle Tom” who was excessively obedient and servile to his White slave masters for the purpose of gaining favor and privilege with them. While the term today is used to denigrate conservative Blacks who reject woke ideology and progressivism, there is actually a far more appropriate comparison today in the religious realm.

There has been a lot of talk about the “Great Reset” that is coming our way. The world’s elites have slowly been chipping away at the freedoms that Americans have been afforded for the last several centuries in favor of a worldwide socialist economic system ruled by the corporate elite. When we look at the largest and most powerful corporation in the world–Communist China–we get a glimpse of the enslavement of the peasantry we will all sooner or later be a part of.

Leftists who are sold out China are pushing vaccine mandates all over the world and refusing to relent even slightly for the conscientious objector. People are losing their jobs; people are being denied essential services such as food or hospital care. It’s happening on a global scale.

And our Christian leaders are supporting this.

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Reformation Charlotte has covered several instances of churches requiring vaccine passports to enter the building. But we’ve also seen several highly influential so-called Christian organizations and leaders come out in favor of forced vaccinations and against religious exemptions. The Gospel Coalition supports vaccine mandates, even for religious services. The Southern Baptist Convention requires vaccinations for all of its missionaries. And the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission attempted to lay out a case for rejecting religious exemptions for vaccines.

And just yesterday, John Piper–a well-known and respected Evangelical leader–wrote an article attempting to persuade Christians to just get vaccinated because “nearly all COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. are now in people who weren’t vaccinated,” which is outright demonstrably false.

The question then becomes: why are these religious leaders pushing the vax so hard?

These religious leaders know that what they are doing is contrary to the Scriptures. The social justice movement, the “woke church” movement, the “lady preacher” movement, open borders movement, pushing vaccines against the consciences of convictional Christians…all of this, they know, is contrary to the Scriptures they claim to represent.

So, why are they doing this? They’ve told you over and over that these issues are “gospel issues”–they are not. They’ve told you it’s about “loving your neighbor” because they are “made in the Image of God”–but that has nothing to do with it. They continually twist the Scriptures to push this progressive agenda on us when we know that these people aren’t ignorant of what the Scriptures actually teach–most of them used to teach rightly.

The reason they are doing this–just like the Uncle Toms during the American slavery period–is to gain favor with those who plan to enslave Christians. In the midst of a leftist takeover of America, these religious Pharisees are throwing convictional conservative Christians under the bus in order to gain favor with the state and try to preserve their own status and privilege. These religious traitors know what’s coming, and they’re willing to abandon you to the left. And when the state comes to enslave the Church, they think they will be able to point back to their sermons, their writings, their conferences and say “see, we were on your side.”

They don’t care about you. They don’t care about your convictions. They don’t care about your conscience. And they don’t care about the Bride of Christ. All they care about is preserving themselves in the coming age of the antiChrist and they will be the first ones in line to take the mark of the beast (if you hold to that eschatology) and hand you over to the slavemasters.


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