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Southern Baptist Convention Mandates Vaccines for Missionaries

by | Sep 9, 2021 | News, Opinion, Social-Issues, The Church, World | 0 comments

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As a matter of conscience, many Christians and other conscientious objectors are choosing not to be vaccinated for a multitude of reasons. Besides the fact that the currently available COVID-19 vaccines are still not fully authorized by the FDA and are considered experimental, there are a number of problems with the vaccines for some people–including both medical and philosophical.

While some people simply don’t want to inject an experimental substance into their bodies that is rapidly proving to be ineffective against the ever-evolving new strains of COVID-19–which will ultimately lead to a perpetual vaccine regimen to stay on top of it–some people have made the decision that they’d just rather catch the virus and get it over with.

Disclaimer: this should not be construed as medical advice, we are not doctors nor are we qualified to give you medical advice.

That being said, we do give our religious opinion and we support it with good Christian doctrine. And we believe that a person’s right to choose whether or not they receive an inoculation should be between that person and their conscience.

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However, the Southern Baptist Convention’s International Mission Board (IMB) is now mandating vaccines for all of its missionaries. An already financially failing and corrupt organization that serves to advance a social agenda around the world, there are nonetheless a few good missionaries in the system that are supported by Southern Baptists. Those people, in many cases, will now have to choose between the Great Commission they are called to, or to violate their conscience.

The Baptist Press reports:

Desiring to help its team members maintain access to unreached peoples and places and remain healthy as they seek to take the gospel to all nations, the International Mission Board announced a policy Sept. 8 for field personnel and staff members related to COVID-19 vaccinations. This policy addresses the challenges of overseas life and travel requirements for IMB missionary personnel and IMB staff members who travel overseas.

The IMB policy requires IMB missionaries and their children ages 16 and older to be vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to attending Field Personnel Orientation prior to their long-term field service; and IMB missionaries and their children ages 16 and older to be vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to attending Stateside Conference during their periodic return to the United States. Attendance at the two conferences is mandatory for missionaries before initial entry or return to a country of service. The policy also requires staff members whose must interact with field personnel at Field Personnel Orientation and Stateside Conferences to obtain COVID-19 vaccination. The policy is effective immediately.

While it is understood that some–not all–of the hosting countries may require vaccinations prior to entering their country, that should be a decision for the missionary alone to make according to their own conscience to go to that country or not. The Great Commission does not require vaccinations and adding requirements to missionaries that the Scriptures do not mandate is not only unnecessary but unbiblical and legalistic.

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