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John Piper Lies to Persuade Christians to Get Vaccinated

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Vaccine mandates are at the forefront of controversy and division in America today as the tyrannical left insists on forcing freedom-lovers into submission by stripping away the freedom to choose whether or not one’s conscience will allow them to inject an experimental concoction into their bloodstream while knowing nearly nothing of the ingredients. What we do know about the vaccines, however, is that they were manufactured and tested using the cell lines of aborted fetuses.

That being said, for many–if not most–Bible-believing Christians, their consciences just won’t allow them to move forward with being a test dummy for Big Pharma.

Enter Big Eva.

Reformation Charlotte has covered recently the Big Eva, that is, Big Evangelicalism, push to eliminate religious exemptions from vaccine mandates. Arguing that “loving your neighbor” by violating your conscience is the Christian thing to do, The Gospel Coalition along with the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and the Internation Missions Board have all jumped on board the pro-vax mandate bandwagon.

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Of course, in the very phraseology of Big Eva elitism: “it’s a gospel issue.”

While these groups have repeatedly twisted the Scripture over the years–conditioning us all to believe that every woke, leftist agenda is a “gospel issue” because we need to “love our neighbors” who are “made in the image of God”–have often relied on the nonchalance of follower class of Evangelicism, many are starting to wake up and oppose the infestation of theological pests like Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality. But now, they’re also waking up to the slave-making ideologies of tyranny that bought-and-paid-for Evangelical leftists are pushing–so they push harder.

In a piece published today by John Piper at Desiring God, Piper argues–no, not argues, lies–that Christians should consider getting vaccinated because “Nearly all COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. are now in people who weren’t vaccinated.” An outright lie that has been thoroughly disproven. Anyone that would, at this point in time, continue promoting this falsehood should not be taken seriously. In fact, the former CDC director recently gave us the actual statistics and nearly 40 percent of COVID-19 deaths in the last 6-8 weeks were among the fully vaccinated. The statistics Piper cites have been challenged and confronted by respectable scientists and doctors.

Not that it matters anyway–the lie has been propagated enough that it’s almost impossible to believe the truth at this point. In fact, try searching for that article on Google–it’s hidden.

But the people of God should be people of the truth–not people of coercion. In fact, Piper’s entire article is based around the ridiculous notion that Christians should choose to get the vaccine because they’re free to, and don’t have to walk in lockstep with “people they respect.” As if that were the real reason anyone opted out.

One of the real reasons people are opting out is out of principle–both out of principle for the use of profane ingredients and manufacturing processes, and out of principle for the sake of religious freedom. As I argued in an article earlier today, which you must read if you have not: if the government can mandate vaccinations in the name of “public health,” what’s to stop them from mandating abortions? After all, the leftists in control all try to sell abortion as “women’s health.”

John Piper–who is on board with practically every leftist government control measure that’s ever happened–should probably just go back to his couch and stay out of cultural issues.


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