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Former LifeWay Head Publishes Grotesque, Self-Flagellation Antiracist Hit Piece

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We’ve heard a lot in the media in recent days about the growing cult of medical tyranny in the midst of government-imposed vaccine mandates propped up by religious leaders declaring that religious exemptions are invalid–your conscience be damned. Evangelical religious leaders–the modern-day equivalent of the Sanhedrin–have declared themselves the sole authority on issues of medicine, social normativity, and politics.

While this new cult is taking form, another cultish movement that has been around for several years now is the antiracism cult.

The antiracism cult is essentially a religious movement cloaked in “Jesus-ey” talk but servers the nefarious purpose of advancing Marxism and socialism. The leaders of this cult tend to bounce from religious post to religious post, yet, wherever they go, they carry with them the same blind followers they’ve blindly led into spiritual insolvency.

One of these men is Ed Stetzer. Ed Stetzer–formerly known as Ed Stetzer–is the former head of LifeWay, the publication branch of the Southern Baptist Convention. Like his cohort, Russell Moore, Stetzer has found himself at the forefront of the “woke church” movement. The only difference between Stetzer and Moore; Moore is better at doing it without detruding himself.

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Ed “everywhere there’s a scandal, you’ll find me in it” Stetzer, on the other hand, can’t seem to say anything without caponizing himself and practically beating the dead horse that he is into oblivion. That is what the “Executive Director of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College” just did.

In a recent article at USA Today–you’ll always find him and Russell Moore at far-left political publications spouting their anti-Christian pro-Marxist rhetoric–Stetzer beclowned himself with another self-flagellating hit piece against White people while denouncing Josh McDowell, a former CRU leader who was fired after suggesting that the plight of Black people might not be solely due to…you know…racism, and stuff.

In this piece, Stetzer contends that people–White people–like himself–just need to shut their graveyard mouths already and start listening to and learning from Black people and get out of the way so they can lead us into a new era of enlightenment.

In the wake of the George Floyd ordeal, Stetzer writes, “While many voices rose to the occasion, too often white evangelicals were often more eager to speak about race issues than to listen to those on the receiving end of racism.” You know, because, it was proven in court that Floyd was killed because he was Black and it had nothing to do with the fact that he was resisting arrest while dangerously high on drugs. Nope, nothing at all. It was racism.

Now, keep in mind, you can’t listen to Black voices like, for example, Candace Owens or Brandon Tatum; you certainly can’t listen to Evangelical Black voices like Voddie Bauchum or Darrell Harrison. Those Black voices aren’t really Black enough. They have to be Marxist Black voices in order to truly be Black. They have to be “Black Lives Matter” Black voices.

He continues,

To be sure, there are many non-Christian leaders or ideologies that threaten to co-opt the mission of the church.Β However, the greatest obstacles to the flourishing of the evangelical movement – particularly in regards to substantively engaging our failings on race – have arisen from within.Β 

Stetzer’s conclusion that “Breaking the cycle will require the humility to learn and repent as well as the courage to push past the obstacles and pressures that try to dissuade us,” should speak volumes about this cult’s motives. It exists to guilt you into Communism; it’s really that simple. These people are paid hacks that don’t have original thoughts. They parrot the same hokum so often–and so loudly–that eventually, more people just come to accept and believe it by faith.

It’s a cult that needs to be exposed.


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