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Revoice Founder Defends Transgender Shooter: “Devastating Form of Parental Rejection”

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Everyone knows that the shooting that took place in Nashville by a transgender assailant was a hate crime that targeted Christianity and the Christian worldview. Several mainstream news outlets have attempted to spin this incident (because why wouldn’t they?) blaming it on the shooter’s Christian parents who refused to affirm her lifestyle.

In a recent media clip, Fox News anchor, Tucker Carlson explained better than most Evangelical leaders what exactly is happening within the transgender community and how it is essentially a religion diametrically opposed to Christianity and can never be reconciled.


However, there are those who claim to be Christian yet their lives revolved around normalizing aberrant sexuality and reconciling it with Christianity.

Enter Revoice.

Revoice is a conference that promotes “gay Christianity” and has actually advocated for homosexual Christian relationships and for, of course, calls for an end to the “victimization” of homosexuals, to which they coined the term “sexual minorities.” Preston Sprinkle, one of the co-founders of Revoice, refers to sexually confused men who dress, think, and act like women, as “theologically conservative.” And his ministry co-founder, Nate Collins, advocates for gay couples — or even triples — living together in “celibate” marriage-like arrangements that include man-to-man intimacy so long as it stops short of bodily penetration.

One prominent false teaching of the Revoice/Living Out movement is the comparison of Jesus on Earth to transgenderism. As such, they teach that Jesus had a type of “body dysphoria” that, like transgender people, caused him to feel out of place.

Nate Collins is an SBTS graduate whose dissertation on “Gender Identities” was read and approved by Dr. Jarvis Williams. Collins’s teachings on Jesus’ alleged “body dysphoria” have been pushed in David Platt’s McLean Bible Church and other Evangelical outlets.

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Last year, Collins on Christians and leaders who signed the Nashville Statement—a statement that affirms a biblical view of human sexuality, God’s design for marriage, and upholds a biblical view of sex and gender—to “repent” of signing it and have their names removed.

Now, Collins—a close friend and associate of Preston Sprinkle, who we’ve been reporting on quite a bit lately for attempting to normalize transgenderism in the Church—is arguing that the parents of this transgender person who committed this atrocity are equally culpable because they caused her to suffer a “devastating form of parental rejection.”

Of course, this is absurd. But you can leave it to these Evangelicals and their enablers to concoct a narrative that will ultimately paint biblical Christianity in a bad light. These evil, wicked perpetrators of false teachings need to be excommunicated—not coddled, not debated, not even given the luxury of platforming their views for consideration.


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