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Has Stacey Abrams Become a False God to Some? Chapel Preacher Compares Her to Jesus and John the Baptist

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Watching many of these woke, leftist churches all but bow down and worship Georgia gubernatorial candidate, Stacey Abrams, is quite a sight to behold. We’ve brought you many stories over the last several weeks demonstrating that not only does Abrams fans and followers think of her as a Christ-like figure, but she even compares herself to Jesus claiming that she, like Jesus, is the “solid foundation” that the state needs to rebuild.

Abrams preached in one church a few weeks ago that she is continuing the legacy of the Prophet Deborah by running for political office. “But more than anything, I want you to know that I am running for this office in the legacy of Deborah,” she said. “We know Deborah as a judge but Deborah was a warrior. Deborah was a warrior who believed that you fight for your people. And with your help and with your prayer Dr. Bryant, with your aid on November 8, I’ll fight for you.”

In another Atlanta area AME church, Rev. William D. Watley preached that godly men should do what godly men are supposed to do and vote for Stacey Abrams. “We as men are not voting as we should for Stacey Abrams. We’re the head of our houses + our families. We cannot lead from behind,” Watley preached. He went on to proclaim that the current governor of Georgia is only the governor because he “stole the election” and that he’s loyal to Donald Trump who he refers to as a “demon” because he’s “openly hostile to all minorities.”

“We need to do our part to make sure that Stacey Abrams is elected Governor and Raphael Warnock is elected Senator,” Watley continued. “This is William Watley talking, and as your pastor, I ask that you listen to me.”

Abrams doesn’t just preach in black churches and it isn’t just black churches that have elevated her to sainthood—near Christ-like status. Several weeks ago, she appeared at a mostly white United Methodist church to deliver her version of the “sermon on the mount.”It was there that she proclaimed that LGBTQ affirmation is the epitome of what her faith tells her to be.

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Keep in mind, this was just a week after she preached that it was her “Christian faith” that caused her to abandon her pro-life stance and embrace abortion.

The left will be the first to throw a tantrum if a conservative politician visits a church to preach a conservative message that actually comes from the Bible. Every time North Carolina Lt. Governor, Mark Robinson has visited a conservative church to promote a biblical sexual ethic, the left goes up in flames demanding that churches that do this should lose their non-profit status with the IRS. This is why you only find “non-political” types, like Lecrae, supporting her:

But Abrams? No, she’s a prophet. She’s a priestess. And, to many on the left, she’s the Messiah that has come to save the helpless left from the big, bad bogeymen of “white supremacy,” “capitalism,” and their endless state of “oppression.” Riiiiiiigh.

In the latest episode of “Blessed Assurance, Stacey is Mine,” Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel Preacher at Howard University, Rev. Willie D. Francois, III compares Stacey Abrams to Jesus and John the Baptist because she “rebelled against neo-Jim Crow at the ballot box and gave us the first black senator from the South.”


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