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Lecrae Compares Himself to Jesus, Says Jesus Deconstructed

by | Sep 20, 2022 | News, Opinion, Religion, Social-Issues | 0 comments

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Lecrae, who describes himself as a “rapper who happens to be Christian” and is “done with white Evangelicalism,” has taken a sharp turn in the last couple of years to align himself with the Pagan culture rather than the Kingdom of Christ. Over the last few years, Lecrae has made himself at home outside of the Church doors with Pagan rap artists who use regularly use foul language, degrade women, and make racial slurs in their lyrics. Lecrae is a staunch supporter of pro-choice Democrats, one radical pro-abortion Democrat, in particular, Stacy Abrams, and has downplayed the sinfulness of abortion and elevated what he perceives to be “racial injustice” above this murderous sin.

Deconstruction, which can be traced back to the philosopher Jacques Derrida, is defined by Oxford as:

a method of critical analysis of philosophical and literary language which emphasizes the internal workings of language and conceptual systems, the relational quality of meaning, and the assumptions implicit in forms of expression.

While this definition serves to help understand deconstruction in a general sense, modern religious deconstructionists have abused this method as a way to tear down the objective truth of biblical Christianity and delegitimize orthodox Christian doctrines and teachings in a way that is one-sided. Modern religious deconstructionists attempt to replace the author’s meaning in the biblical text with their own meaning and then create new, false religions out of their new interpretations.

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That’s exactly what Lecrae has done. In a recent Twitter thread, Lecrae explains how he has used Scripture to go through what he calls “healthy” deconstruction. Lecrae gives lip service to using the Scriptures” to do so, but fails to understand what he himself is even talking about.

Here, Lecrae tries to compare himself to Jesus by saying that Jesus “deconstructed” the Pharisees. Lecrae says that what he has done is healthy, like Jesus. But Jesus didn’t deconstruct anything. What Jesus did was correct and rebuke false teachers. Similarly, what the Reformers did was not deconstruction, but a correction of a false religion. Neither Jesus nor the Reformers ever attempted to change the author’s meaning of the Biblical text to fit their own personal woke ideologies, like Lecrae.

Deconstruction is a primary doctrine of postmodernism. Even if the word could somehow be coerced into some kind of biblical use, which it can’t, there is no good reason to do that. All this is is another attempt by a compromiser to incorporate the modern cultural trends of the day into the gospel while attempting to paint himself as one who rejects doing that.

As you can see, he tries to distance himself from the exact things he has done. Lecrae has, by any standard of measure, deconstructed himself out of the church. And, further, it’s by all these exact things he mentioned. This is why Lecrae has said that he doesn’t identify with God’s people and pals around with Pagan rappers with foul mouths instead of Christians.

There is this carnal self-exalting thirst to do the world better than the world does itself. That flies directly in the face of God’s commands to come out from among the world and be separate. Be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers. How can two walk together unless they agree? God tells us that in Christ we are the spiritual, moral, and even philosophical opposite of those still dead and Adam.

There is no reason for the word deconstruction to ever fall from a Christian’s lips in an allegedly positive fashion. Any biblical truth has long ago been better expressed without dipping into the worldly culture to do so. Illustrations are one thing, Jesus and the apostles did that all the time, as did the Old Testament prophets. But that’s not the same as trying to hijack a word that has a well-known secular meaning and try to fill it with gospel definitions in order to be relevant.

Deconstruction in a nutshell is a quest to reverse and thereby undermine sound communication. In normal God-ordained communication, one mind conveys information in an attempt to get it into another mind intact, and the other mind cooperates by apprehending that information as it was sent. And the other mind cooperates by attempting to comprehend the information as it was sent.

Deconstruction stands on its head to where no matter what was sent by the first mind, the second mind is free to make of it what it will. This started in art at first and has made its way into every level of human communication now. Attempting to use that term in a biblically sound way is unnecessary at very best and arrogant and dangerous at worst. It teaches that “What does it mean to me?” might not be the same thing it means to you, and that’s a good and healthy thing.

We hear that all the time, and it is coursing through the veins of the apostate American church. People do that very thing with the word of God itself. That’s why we always hear the word narrative. What’s true for me is my narrative. My personal story and the way that I fit the pieces of reality around me into it. By autonomous self-willed self-defining rebellion against God’s created order.

The truth as revealed by the living God is that he is the definition of everything. He is the communicator, he does not change, and his word is forever settled in heaven. Our job is to receive that intact from him. Because of the presence of sin, and the reality of our created finitude, that takes work.

It doesn’t take work to be saved of course, but once saved, it takes work to grow in his truth. That work entails putting off the old man still dead and Adam and putting on the new man that is alive in Christ as Paul said in the book of Romans. That concept is totally foreign to most professing Christians today. Theology doesn’t matter, doctrine doesn’t matter, and an objective unchanging supra-human Court beyond which there is no appeal is repugnant to today’s postmodern Church.

God’s truth was the same in first-century Palestine as it is today. He doesn’t need us to get Him out of jams, correct His way of thinking or communicating, or make His word and His doctrines more palatable for the world.

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