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Lecrae Finally Admits He Doesn’t Identify With God’s People

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After years of those pesky discernment blogs telling you so, Lecrae has finally admitted he doesn’t identify with the people of God, the Church. We told you so.

Lecrae, who describes himself as a “rapper who happens to be Christian” and is “done with white Evangelicalism,” has taken a sharp turn in the last couple of years to align himself with the Pagan culture rather than the Kingdom of Christ. Over the last few years, Lecrae has made himself at home outside of the Church doors with Pagan rap artists who use regularly use foul language, degrade women, and make racial slurs in their lyrics. Lecrae is a staunch supporter of pro-choice Democrats, one radical pro-abortion Democrat, in particular, Stacy Abrams, and has downplayed the sinfulness of abortion and elevated what he perceives to be “racial injustice” above this murderous sin.

After announcing that he was “divorcing white Evangelicals,” he’s been seen partnering with just about anyone who holds to the same prioritized view of racialism, intersectionality, and social justice that he does, despite their level of (or lack of) commitment to Jesus Christ. He even recently “liked” an article on Instagram where a black NFL player announced he was coming out as a homosexual.

As one of the first Evangelicals to describe himself as “woke,” Lecrae has shown himself in favor of much that Jesus Himself would staunchly oppose. And, apparently, he now says as much. In a random tweet that’s been years in the making, Lecrae says that he “loves Jesus” but isn’t “churchy” and that he now realizes that he doesn’t fit in with church culture.

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He goes on to explain that instead of hymns, which are largely derived from the biblical Psalms and the regulative principle, he instead prefers rap and R&B, which is derived from the pagan culture.

This must be why he rolls with homosexual devil worshipers like Lil Nas instead of “churchy” people. Because he loves God but doesn’t fit in with God’s people.

Lil Nas and Lecrae
Lecrae taking a selfie with his pal, homosexual Satan Worshiping rapper, Lil Nas’

In his defense, though, most of what we see masquerading as the church today isn’t actually biblical church, either. But to suggest that you don’t identify with God’s people, but you run with pagans like Lil Nas says something about your spiritual state.

Lecrae has completely abandoned the Christian faith and embraced a social justice gospel that is antithetical to historic Christian teaching. Lecrae is a supporter of the far-left pro-abortion fraud, Stacey Abrams and has consistently downplayed the sinfulness of abortion. Yet, being that Lecrae doesn’t know the difference between sexual preference and sports preferences, it’s not really a stretch for him to not really understand what the real problem with abortion is either.


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