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Southern Baptist Megachurch Performs Cover of Pro-LGBTQ Mormon Band as Worship Song

by | Jun 2, 2022 | Apostasy, LGBTQ Issues, News, Religion, Social-Issues, The Church, Video | 0 comments

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Church by the Glades in Coral Springs, FL, made headlines in early 2020 after its pastor, David Hughes, was selected by another Florida pastor, David Uth, to speak at the 2020 Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting. Church by the Glades has been well known for its carnality, worldly appeal, and extravagant performances of secular dance and music including the Stormtrooper Dance, Disney Medleys, and covers of Beyonce’s Freedom.

Thankfully, that year’s SBC annual meeting was canceled due to COVID, and Hughes was unable to solicit the depravity required to put on a circus performance that year. Yet, we continued to cover the debauchery he continued to feed his church over the years. In one worship performance put on by his church, they played a cover of the Satanic Billy Eilish’s Bad Guy, and in another, the pastor preached a sermon themed on the sexually-explicit television show, Game of Thrones. They also put on a Star Wars Stormtrooper Dance featuring men gyrating their pelvises in a sexual manner.

In one of their most recent Sunday morning worship services, Church by the Glades, a Southern Baptist church, performed a cover of Imagine Dragon’s Enemy which features lyrics like the following:

I wake up to the sounds of the silence that allows
For my mind to run around, with my ear up to the ground
I’m searching to behold the stories that are told
When my back is to the world, that was smiling when I turned
Tell you you’re the greatest
But once you turn they hate us

Oh, the misery
Everybody wants to be my enemy
Spare the sympathy
Everybody wants to be my enemy
Look out for yourself
My enemy
Look out for yourself
But I’m ready

According to an article in Time Magazine, Dan Reynolds, the lead singer for Imagine Dragon, is not only a Mormon, but is on a mission to turn the Mormon “church” into a pro-LGBTQ organization. The article reads:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints does not condone same-sex marriage. But for Dan Reynolds, the frontman of Grammy-winning band Imagine Dragons, that official position doesn’t mean its followers have to shun the LGBTQ kids in their communities and homes. In fact, Reynolds — the powerful voice behind blockbuster hits like “Believer” and “Thunder” and a Mormon himself — insists that the church is facing a crisis of teen depression and suicide.

“To our LGBTQ youth, I’d say: I’m here in any way possible,” Reynolds says about his current calling. “I promise to be the best missionary I can — a Mormon missionary for the LGBTQ community — and to hopefully use this privilege I’ve been given to give them a voice.”

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