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2020 Southern Baptist Convention Speaker’s Church Puts on Satanic Performance of Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy

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Reformation Charlotte has been covering the developing circus at the 2020 annual meeting, particularly the pre-meeting Pastors’ Conference which features several unqualified speakers and leaders for the purpose of leading thousands of Southern Baptist pastors in prayer, worship, and preaching.

David Uth, who was chosen by former SBC president James Merritt (whose son is an LGBTQ activist), is the president of the 2020 Southern Baptist Convention’s (SBC) Pastors’ Conference and has a laundry list of gay-affirmation and other illegitimate un-Baptist un-Christian actions including hosting a “gay Christian” conference at his church in 2017 and affirming an ex-Muslim’s “dream conversion” testimony apart from hearing the gospel. He also allowed homosexuals to take the pulpit at his church after the gay nightclub shooting in Orlando in 2016.

That Uth chose a female “pastor” to speak at the Pastors’ Conference — despite the Southern Baptist Convention’s official confession denying that a female can hold the office of pastor — is bad enough. But another speaker Uth chose to address the thousands of pastors is the pastor of Church of the Glades in Coral Springs, FL, David Hughes. Hughes’ church is a literal circus as his church is known for putting on extravagant renditions of various secular pop culture productions including the Stormtrooper Dance, Disney Medleys, and covers of Beyonce’s Freedom. Hughes also hosted a sermon series and several “worship” productions based on the sexually-explicit television show, Game of Thrones.

It’s safe to say that David Hughes does not pastor a church, but a goat farm as he himself admits that he is “packaging” the gospel to make it “sound better” to the world.

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Yet, another video has surfaced calling in the qualifications of not only David Hughes, the pastor of Church of the Glades who will be speaking at the SBC’s Pastors’ Conference, but the integrity and qualification of the man who chose him, David Uth. Uth says he did his homework and specifically chose these men based on their qualifications.

In this video, Hughes’ church puts on a rendition of a Satanic bloodthirsty sexually-explicit song by Billie Eilish, Bad Guy. The lyrics to this song should make any Bible-believing Christian sick to their stomach such as “White shirt now red, my bloody nose, Sleeping, you’re on your tippy-toes, Creeping around like no one knows,” and “I like it when you take control, Even if you know that you don’t, Own me, I’ll let you play the role, I’ll be your animal.” This is just the tip of it. The entire song is based on the glorified sadistic sexual exploitation of women.

It’s unfathomable that a pastor — particularly a Southern Baptist pastor — would look at this and think that this is in any way acceptable. What could possibly be going through the mind of David Uth when he’s choosing pastors to address the entire denomination at the annual meeting? What is going through the mind of David Hughes, who is supposed to be shepherding a flock of Christians and pointing them to Christ? What is going through the mind of James Merrit who chose David Uth amid all his failures and disqualifications to preside over this conference? The entire thing is baffling and is highly indicative of the state and direction of the denomination and exposes why all God-fearing pastors and churches need to excuse themselves from the Southern Baptist Convention.


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