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Disney’s Turning Red, A Review and Warning For Christian Parents

by | Mar 14, 2022 | Opinion, Social-Issues | 0 comments

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Disney has released a new movie that targets young children, but the content of the movie is definitely not for Christians. The movie, Turning Red, is about “a 13-year-old girl who is torn between being her mother’s obedient daughter and the chaos of her youth. As if that were not enough, when she gets too excited, she turns into a big red panda.”

Not only does this movie appear to make subtle suggestions about the LGBTQ and transgender ideologies that children are faced with at a very young age, but the notion that rebellion against parents is clearly a rebellion against God. This movie glorifies that rebellion and teaches children that they can be rewarded for disobedience.

The movie clearly places children at enmity with their parents by painting parents as authoritarian villains that children need to be liberated from. In fact, this movie is clearly aligned with a new heresy that has invaded the Church that I wrote about recently: child liberation theology. It essentially glorifies the anti-authoritarian parent parent movement which ultimately leads to chaos and destruction.

The following points of review are by Felicia Renee and can be found on her Facebook page. It has been modified only to fit the format of this article.

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  • The little girl talks about at age 13 you’re your own person. An adult. You can do what you want, say what you want, etc.
  • Her and her 3 friends talk so poorly about their parents and come up with a plan to sneak out and go to a boy band concert (which they end up doing).
  • The girls sneak out to a co-ed party as well to “give boys rides” as a Panda to raise money for the concert.
  • One girl says her parents won’t let her go bc the band “sounds like stripper music”
  • The girls talk about going to the concert as girls but leaving as true women after.
  • The word “crap” is used.
  • So much emphasis is put on her friends encouraging her to be this new rebel she has become and embracing it. That she no longer has to be this straight edge, over achiever girl under her parents wings.
  • Soooooo much rebellion encouraged.
  • The ritual is suuuuper freaky where she is levitated by her chest into the air while surrounded by adults chanting and spirits are called out of her.
  • She tells her tamagotchi its about to meet its daddy and uncles (referring to the band members being her tamagotchis daddy)
  • There is a big scene about the girl getting her period and her mom bringing pads to her school and embarrassing her.
  • The little girl draws “sexy” (her words not mine) pictures of her crush who works at the gas station. Her mom finds the drawings of her shirtless crush and brings them to the store and accuses the boy of being 30 and a pedophile. He says he’s 17 and she says “well that’s what happens when you do drugs all day and don’t wear sunscreen”
  • At the end the girl stands up to her mom and says she likes boys, music and gyrating. Says she’s 13 so deal with it!
  • The little girl then starts twerking at her mom and smacking her butt saying “take this mom! take this”
  • Final quote when the little girl decides to turn into a panda in public and her mom asks her not to she says “my panda, my choice”. Read into that what you’d like.

Just one more thing I want to add to this excellent review, in one clip, in an obvious reference to the pro-abortion camp’s talking points “my body my choice,” the 13-year-old girl proudly asserts to her mother, “my panda my choice, mom.”

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