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SBC Pastor Accuses Voddie Baucham and Churches of Racism for Not Observing “Racial Reconciliation Sunday”

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Dwight McKissic, a Southern Baptist pastor, is a strong supporter of both the current Southern Baptist president, Ed Litton, and the former president, JD Greear, despite the web of scandals they’ve been repeatedly tangled in. For McKissic, the fact that these two men prioritize social justice and racialism is enough for him to blindly support them at all costs.

McKissic is one of Ed Litton’s most outspoken defenders when it comes to Litton’s serial plagiarism scandal that he’s been embroiled in since last June. But being Litton’s chief apologist isn’t the only controversy that McKissick is known for. He’s also one of the Southern Baptist Convention’s premier race-baiters.

Dwight McKissic–who made headlines earlier this year for his departure of the Texas Southern Baptists (though he’s still technically part of the Southern Baptist Convention) not because it was too liberal, which it is, but because it wasn’t liberal enough for him.

Dwight McKissic, a racist, anti-gospel charismatic tongue-babbling black nationalist who masquerades as a shepherd of God’s people, has done more to harm the body of Christ than possibly any other Southern Baptist pastor in history. McKissic, a Marxist and a socialist egalitarian, has regularly traded the gospel and the mission of the Church for social activism, called for slave reparations, and repeatedly maligned true defenders of the faith as “racists” and “white supremacists.”

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Not only has McKissic stated that the founders of the Southern Baptist Convention were not saved because they were slave-holders and that their history must be eradicated, but he has also argued that voting for pro-abortion Democrats is no different than voting for Republicans who want to “place children in cages.”

Now, in one of his most outlandish claims yet, he accuses several Southern Baptist churches of specific acts of racism–but refuses to name these churches. In a post on Twitter, he rants:

“There are no racist in the SBC”: churches denied weddings held involving AAs; AA children not allowed to attend VBS;Alaskan church retains Whites only membership policy;NC church refused to baptize African students; pastor fired in part 4his family vacationing in my guest house.

When asked to name these churches, he refused to do so, even though it is the official stance of the Southern Baptist Convention to expel churches that have racist policies or act in an unrepentantly racist manner. These charges that McKissic brings against these unnamed Southern Baptist churches are serious and warrant investigation. If these claims are true, and he has actual evidence of such claims, then he has a moral obligation to bring it to the attention of those who can do something about it.

What’s worse, though, is that Dwight McKissick accused Voddie Baucham and his associated organization, the Conservative Baptist Network, of being “racist” because the organization categorically rejects observing a made-up Marxist church holiday started by Russell Moore and the ERLC known as “Racial Reconciliation Sunday.”

Voddie Baucham recently joined the Conservative Baptist Network as one of the top leaders as he sits on the organization’s steering council. Baucham, a popular Reformed Black pastor who is known for his strong opposition to the social justice movement and Cultural Marxism within the Church. There has been speculation that the Conservative Baptist Network may nominate Voddie Baucham to run for Southern Baptist president though it is not clear whether or not Baucham would accept. Baucham has, however, expressed that he believes the Southern Baptist Convention is worth fighting for.


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