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Catholic School Board Votes to Fly Gay Pride Flag During Pride Month

by | Feb 10, 2022

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The Halton Catholic District School Board in Ontario recently voted in favor of flying the gay pride flag on school properties during the month of June. June is also known as “Pride Month” where sexually confused individuals gather together to celebrate sodomy, gender confusion, and various other sexual aberrancies.

According to one report, “The idea was first proposed in April 2021 by Nicole Hotchkiss, a Grade 12 student at the time, and was meant to provide a sense of inclusion and support for 2SLGBTQ+ staff and students.”

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The Roman Catholic Church, which has traditionally been socially conservative despite the grave doctrinal errors, has been on a progressive shift in recent years under Pope Francis’ leadership. Francis has been vague and nuanced on the institution’s official stance on sexuality and lenient with bishops and priests who stray from the institution’s official teachings.

Earlier this year, 125 Roman Catholic priests in Germany marched in favor of gay inclusion in the Roman Catholic Church. Last year, the pope endorsed a gay Catholic ministry by a priest, James Martin, in a hand-written letter condoning his activity.

Of all the things the Roman Catholic Church gets wrong — the Mass, saint worship and idolatry, and most importantly, justification — the organization has typically always ruled correctly on social behaviors such as homosexuality and abortion. Yet, under the current pope, we’ve seen a movement away from a staunch adherence to conservative doctrine on these issues. Francis has stated that homosexuals are “God’s children,” conducted a mass for gay Catholics, and endorsed same-sex unions in a documentary film recently released. At some point, it should come as no surprise if the Roman Catholic Church and all the apostate Protestant spin-offs join her in a massive sexual rebellion and openly embrace sodomy.



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