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Beth Moore Complains That John MacArthur and Others Didn’t Apologize for Telling Her to “Go Home”

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Several months ago, Beth Moore—the foremost false prophetess in all of modern Evangelicalism—announced to the world that she was leaving the Southern Baptist Convention. Her reason? Southern Baptists just weren’t moving fast enough toward embracing her feminism and progressive ideologies.

Beth Moore is wicked–she is an enemy of the Church. Whether it be her fanciful tales about meeting a stranger at a bus stop to give her money because “God told her to,” or outlandish dreams of God lifting her up in the air to envision Catholics and Protestants in ecumenical unity or her recent elbow-locking with heretics Joel Osteen, Matt Crouch, and Brian Houston, her hand holding with wolftress, Joyce Meyer, her quick jump to condemn an innocent high school kid in a racist media propaganda attack, her declaration that spending time with God is not the same thing as spending time in the Bible, or just outright denying the biblical responsibilities of Christians, one thing is for sure, Beth Moore is, in fact, one of the worst offenders of God when it comes to obedience to his Word.

But worse, Beth Moore has used the Southern Baptist Convention for decades to get rich as she advances feminist ideology. Besides mocking those women who choose to live a life of submission to the authority of Scripture, she’s also used the Southern Baptist Convention platform to openly rebel against biblical gender roles. At an ERLC conference in 2019, she openly attacked biblical womanhood and biblical manhood stating that these are the root cause of sexual abuse.

Last year, Beth Moore joined feminist Rachael Denhollander in accusing John MacArthur of being responsible for the infamous massage parlor massacre. It’s safe to say that Beth Moore has been a rebellious and controversial figure—one who has no business preaching, teaching, or leading in any capacity—for a long time.

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This is why John MacArthur, who is thoroughly familiar with both the Scriptures and Beth Moore’s shenanigans, openly stated that Beth Moore should “go home” during a conference at his church in 2019. When he said that, the audience, who is also keenly aware of Moore’s false teachings and rebellion, applauded. Why the applause? Why the laughter? Because what John MacArthur spoke—and what other Evangelical leaders are afraid to speak—was truth. And what is the natural response by those who love the truth when actually hearing truth? Joy and relief. That’s why people laughed and applauded. It was something that needed to be said.

Yet, Beth Moore, who continues to rebel against God’s created order, is now complaining that those people at that conference never called her to apologize. In a thread on Twitter, she wrote:

I am baffled how often professing believers in Christ—often leaders—feel no need whatsoever to apologize—publicly or privately—or clear up misinformation they spread. It seems, if you’re a watchdog for the church, you get to bite at will. You’re somehow above the ethics of Jesus.

I just want you to know—& I don’t say this on my own behalf today but on someone else’s—that, actually, you don’t get to do that. You will answer to the Lord for spreading misinformation. I am concerned about your spiritual condition because here is what I know: the Holy Spirit convicts of sin. If you walk in the Spirit, have an active prayer life & spend time in the holy Scriptures, you can’t go on & on & live with not asking forgiveness. I say this as one who has sinned grievously. If you walk with God, the time between sin & repentance is miserable.

Slander, cyber stalking & smearing people’s reputations are sins. If you don’t have conviction of sin, it is not because your wrongs are alright with God. It is because something is awry inside of you.

I’m going to tell y’all a story because I think this is important and enough time is gone by that I hope it will be obvious it’s not meant to be self-serving. After a certain public mockery at a pastors conference, I was literally heartsick for the ones who had done it. I thought how miserable they must be for having ridiculed a sister in Christ publicly like that. I knew what I was going to say when they contacted me because it would have been completely sincere: I was going to say I knew what it was like to let your mouth get away from you & I forgive you without hesitation. But that contact never came. It baffled me and made me sad because I believed them to be people of spiritual integrity even if I did not see eye to eye with them. That they felt no need to apologize was more worrisome to me than the ridicule.

Y’all, this isn’t a game. These things matter to the Lord. We are followers of Jesus. Not one of us is exempt from conviction of sin and the responsibility and right, thank God, by the blood of Christ and power of his cross, to repent. We need an awakening of integrity. I need one.

You can read her entire thread on Twitter at this link.

Here’s the problem; nobody sinned in telling her to go home. Nobody sinned in laughing or applauding at telling her to go home. Beth Moore has resisted the correction of both godly men and godly women for her entire career. It is clear that she has no intention of accepting the correction. So what do the Scriptures say? Shake the dust off your feet and move on. Sure, we should continue to pray for her repentance and salvation; and we should pray for those who harbor this woman in their midst, shielding her from godly rebuke. But, in no way, should she be treated like a sister in Christ so long as she is acting out in unrepentant sin.


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