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Rachael Denhollander and Beth Moore Blame John MacArthur for Massage Parlor Massacre

by | Mar 17, 2021

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If you’ve followed the news at all, you’re undoubtedly aware of the massage parlor shooting in Georgia last night that left eight people dead. At first, the usual woke suspects took to social media to spin this into some kind of racially-motivated crime to pin on the heads of an imaginary crisis of white supremacy in America. But once that was ruled out, the woke church cult found a way to blame it on conservative Evangelicals.

For the last several years, the effeminate and compromised leadership of the Southern Baptist Convention have been platforming a number of women–from simply woke feminists to outright lesbians–to lecture the Church on sexual morality and abuse. In 2019, Beth Moore joined celebrity victim, Rachel Denhollander to attack biblical gender roles at a Southern Baptist “sex abuse” conference and at the SBC annual meeting in 2019, Jen Wilkin vocally and visually shamed–to the point that she lectured them with their heads down–the three top Southern Baptist leaders, Russell Moore, JD Greear, and Al Mohler, for their role in causing sex abuse.

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After last night’s shooting, in typical fascist fashion–blaming groups of people for the actions of individuals–SBC critic, Rachel Denhollander–who, remember, was platformed by the SBC–took to Twitter to explain how biblical teaching on sexual morality and modesty in the pulpits of conservative churches is what actually caused the shooting.

No really, not kidding. That’s what she said.

Of course, it comes as no surprise that feminists hate straight, white men who actually hold to a biblical view on sexual morality and patriarchy–it erodes their feeling of power and control. Women like Rachel Denhollander and Beth Moore find even the thought of submitting to a man nauseating and unfathomable. And, to them, a man teaching that women should be modest is nothing short of patronizing.

It’s why Beth Moore, who joined with Southern Baptist president, JD Greear last year to attack John MacArthur, gave Rachel Denhollander’s diatribe a hardy “Amen!”

Of course, we should never blame any victim of a crime for the crime that was committed against them. Moore and Denhollander are both victims of sexual abuse, and we should in no way minimize that. Abuse is horrible, especially when it’s directed at a weaker vessel by the hands of someone who claims Christ. But these women aren’t just angry at their abusers, they’re mad at God. And they rebel against Him by posing as Christians to enter the Church then attacking His Word. They target the biblical teachings on human sexuality and gender roles and launch a tirade against anyone who stands on those biblical principles, like John MacArthur.

So, to suggest that it was somehow biblical teaching on modesty and sexual morality that caused this shooter–who happened to at one time be a Southern Baptist–to carry out his crime is absurd. It displays a complete and total lack of understanding of who God is. This guy wasn’t anymore a Christian than the guy who wrote that racist letter to Dwight McKissic. The continual pinning of nonsensical garbage on conservative Christianity by leftist activists has been brought to a level of complete buffoonery rarely seen.

What’s sad about the entire ordeal is that discerning Christians have been warning for years about the poison these feminists and woke church cultists have been trying to spread in Evangelical churches, but instead of heeding the warnings, they’ve consistently attacked the messengers to their own detriment.



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