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Al Mohler No Longer Council Member at The Gospel Coalition?

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Al Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS), was elected to The Gospel Coalition’s leadership council in April 2009 where he has served for over 12 years. Shortly after ditching T4G, in the last few days, it has come to light that his name has been silently removed from the leadership council without address. As Michael O’Fallon of Sovereign Nations stated,

“It would be good to know what was behind the decision of Dr. Mohler to remove himself as a Council Member from TGC.”

“This isn’t curious gossip,” O’Fallon continued, “Southern Baptists should know what was behind this decision.”

As of today, Mohler’s name does not appear on The Gospel Coalition’s website as a council member.

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However, as recently as December 17, as you can see at archive.org’s Wayback Machine, Mohler was clearly listed as a council member, right between Tony Merida and his protégé, Russell Moore.

Some have speculated that Al Mohler is attempting to silently rebrand himself by distancing himself from the social justice movement little by little hoping to go unnoticed. To be clear, Mohler is personally responsible for much of the social justice infiltration into the Southern Baptist Convention. In 2013, Mohler nominated Russell Moore, former professor and Dean of Theology at SBTS, to serve as the head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s most influential policy arm, the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC).

From that point forward, Moore single-handedly brought irreparable damage to the denomination through his social justice activism. Ranging from 

Moore’s legacy, despite his recent resignation, lives on in the denomination, the seminaries he influenced, churches he ruined, and the ERLC he left behind. Mohler has yet to address the damage done by Moore specifically, though he has spoken out against certain social justice movements.

Further, Mohler, who is the president of SBTS, still employs some of the worst social justice progressives the denomination has seen, including Matt Hall, who serves as the school’s provost while referring to himself as a “racist” and a “white supremacist,” and Jarvis Williams, who has re-written the gospel to include “antiracist” social justice works, and others.

If Al Mohler truly wants to correct some of the damage he’s caused by both his actions and his silence on other people’s actions, he should come clean and tell us what he thinks. Why leave The Gospel Coalition council without addressing it? Why ditch Together for the Gospel (T4G) without specifically addressing it? What are your convictions? Are you willing to oppose the leaders of the social justice movement by name? Are you willing to let go of the social justice activists under your leadership in your institution?

I will not speculate on his motives, but if he is unwilling to do these things and come clean, he is unlikely to win any favor with those he’s lost favor with over the last decade.


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