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ERLC Says Bible Affirms Gender Fluidity, Changes Wording After Outcry

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In an article recently published at the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) website–which called on Christians to affirm gender fluidity because the Bible does–there was quite a bit of outcry on social media over the promotion of sexual aberrancy by the leftist Evangelical political propaganda outlet. In the original article that was published on May 17, the article stated:

It’s important to affirm ways in which gender expression is fluid and relational—even in the Bible.

That text as it is written above can still be seen cached on the Wayback Machine at this link. And below is a screenshot of the text as it was originally written.

After the public outcry on social media, the ERLC jumped in to silently change the wording–after the damage had already been done–and made no statement about it. The wording now reads:

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 It’s important to affirm that gender is expressed in a range of ways — even in the Bible.

And below is a screenshot of the new text.

While the new wording does absolutely nothing to actually negate the original claim–that gender is “fluid”–it simply adds ambiguity and plausible deniability to an article that has already affirmed transgenderism. Now, mark my words, there will be plenty of low-IQ nitwits who will defend this and say that it wasn’t an affirmation of transgenderism. But the use of the language, which is widely used within the LGBTQ community to promote transgenderism, is purposefully meant to affirm those who practice this form of rebellion against God.

This isn’t the first time the ERLC has done this. The ERLC has a habit of platforming sexual aberrants who teach and practice ungodly things about sexuality. The ERLC published and sells a “parents’ guide” for transgender teens that quotes “gay Christianity” Revoice leader, Nate Collins.

Under the leadership of Russell Moore, the Southern Baptist Convention has taken a decidedly leftist turn when it comes to tolerance and inclusion of sexual immorality.


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