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Southern Baptist Pastor Who Voted Democrat Surprised, Horrified His Party Supports Abortion

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Dwight McKissic has made the news a lot in the last few years. A Southern Baptist pastor who can’t make up his mind whether or not he wants to remain a Southern Baptist after announcing he was “getting off the bus” of his local Baptist association, has repeatedly been at the forefront of the “woke church” movement.

Leading charges for churches and Christians to publicly and vocally oppose Donald Trump for petty reasons ranging from meant tweets to not paying any attention to the increasing calls for slave reparations while ignoring and opposing the demands of Black Lives Matter, McKissic has become well-known as a racial instigator in the Southern Baptist Convention.

McKissic, a racist, anti-gospel charismatic tongue-babbling black nationalist who masquerades as a shepherd of God’s people has done more to harm the body of Christ than possibly any other Southern Baptist pastor in history. McKissic, a Marxist and a socialist egalitarian, has regularly traded the gospel and the mission of the Church for social activism, called for slave reparations, and repeatedly maligned true defenders of the faith as “racists” and “white supremacists.”

Not only has McKissic stated that the founders of the Southern Baptist Convention were not saved because they were slave-holders and that their history must be eradicated, but he has also argued that voting for pro-abortion Democrats is no different than voting for Republicans who want to “place children in cages.”

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Now he wants to act surprised that his political party supports the slaughter of children in the womb.

Anyone with a modicum of discernment, a single shred of integrity…a brain, knew that this would happen. The Democrats have been championing the cause of death for decades. It’s what they do; they’re the party of death. They’re the visible enemy of the Church and of Jesus Christ.

Of course, his defense of the Democrat party–as though they have a moral high ground on “justice issues”–is patently absurd. Of course, the Democrat party does not do better on justice issues, police brutality issues, prison issues, or any other issue. And as he contends that Republicans are hypocritical and duplicitous in their efforts to stop abortion are simply stupid.

While it’s true that Republicans–and just decent human beings, for that matter–could certainly do more to stop abortion, it’s nearly impossible from a political perspective to do more than they have done in his own state of Texas which recently just banned all abortions prior to a detectable heartbeat. We acknowledge that that isn’t good enough, but it’s certainly better than ANYTHING the Democrats have done.

Dwight McKissic has a serious problem with idolatry: his race. He–like his fellow Black Nationalist pastor friend, Thabiti Anyabwile–holds his ethnic identity up and over his (supposed) identity in Christ. To them, revenge against Whites, as an entire ethnic group, for sins of their fathers is far more important to them than conformity with Christ.


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