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Pope Hangs Picture of Naked Jesus Caressing Judas in His Office

by | Apr 21, 2021 | News, Social-Issues, The Church | 2 comments

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Pope Francis is by far the most secular, ungodly pope to take the high office of the Roman Catholic Church in modern history. While the Roman Catholic Church is most certainly apostate, and by no means should be considered a valid expression of Christianity, in recent decades, no pope has ever taken strides to embrace profanity quite to the point that Francis has done.

Whether it be his push for global climate control, performing a mass for gay Catholics, or saying that atheists are “children of God,” one cannot deny the non-traditional influence this pope has been in the Vatican for the past few years.

Now, according to a report on the Vatican’s own news site, the pope has hung a picture of a naked “Jesus” caressing the face of a dead Judas on the wall in his personal office behind his desk. L’OSSERVATORE ROMANO reports,

…the second “text” is a painting, with dizzying expressive power, which can be admired on the front page. This painting is the “fruit of the meditations” of Pope Francis collected in the book When you pray, say Our Father of 2018 in which the Pontiff speaks of Judas and God’s mercy by citing the capital of the church of Vézelay which, in the photo, he hung behind the desk in his personal study. A faithful Catholic from France, reading those meditations and having been struck since childhood by the same capital that portrays Jesus the Good Shepherd carrying Judas who died on his shoulders as the last lost sheep, decides to compose this picture and give it to the Pope. From then next to the photo of Vézelay behind the desk of the Holy Father there is this painting that is published today on the front page.

If this isn’t one of the most blasphemous and ungodly images the Roman Catholic Church has ever endorsed–and it has endorsed many–then nothing is.

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