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Pope Francis Says God is Going to Flood the Earth Again If We Don’t Stop Global Warming

by | Mar 1, 2021

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In one of the most well-known passages of Scripture, God flooded the Earth to destroy all of mankind because of their continuous evil with the exception of Noah and his family. When he did so, he promised never to commit such an act against mankind again and gave us the rainbow as a sign of this covenant, known as the Noahic Covenant.

To this day, God’s promise is evident in that the world has never been destroyed and mankind has not been wiped out due to flooding–or any other natural disaster–on a global scale. However, Pope Francis says that God’s going to end up retracting his covenant and flood the earth again if we don’t put the brakes on global warming.

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The pope states in a book titled Of Vices and Virtues due for release tomorrow that “God’s wrath is directed against injustice, against Satan,” and that “it is directed against evil, not that which derives from human weakness, but evil of Satanic inspiration: the corruption generated by Satan.”

Francis says “The flood is the result of God’s wrath,” and relegates it to nothing more than a figure of God’s wrath.

Francis says that God, “who according to the Bible has seen too many bad things and decides to obliterate humanity.” Apparently, according to the pope, God is going to “obliterate” the world again because of global warming. Only this time, the flood won’t be mythical, it will be real.

“The biblical one, according to experts, is a mythical tale,” Francis says. “A great deluge, perhaps due to a rise in temperature and the melting of the glaciers: what will happen now if we continue on the same path.”

Besides being a false prophet bearing a false gospel, the pope seems to have forgotten one thing: God does not break his promises. On the other hand, popes lie and manipulate people for personal gain and self-satisfaction.


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