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Lecrae Affirms Homosexuality, Compares it to a Preference Between Sports

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Lecrae, who describes himself as a “rapper who happens to be Christian” and is “done with white Evangelicalism,” has taken a sharp turn in the last couple of years to align himself with the Pagan culture rather than the Kingdom of Christ. One of the first Evangelicals to describe himself as “woke,” Lecrae has shown himself in favor of much that Jesus Himself would staunchly oppose.

Lecrae has completely abandoned the Christian faith and embraced a social justice gospel that is antithetical to historic Christian teaching. Lecrae is a supporter of the far-left pro-abortion fraud, Stacey Abrams and has consistently downplayed the sinfulness of abortion.

Now, Lecrae has admitted that if his son were to come out gay and ask him to be in his wedding, that he would support him and even be in his wedding.

“You can point something out to me and say this is what it says, “Lecrae says in response to his view on homosexual family members in an interview with VLAD TV, “You should know better, you should know this. Well, give me the grace and the space to take my time and to understand the perspective on it and to understand why these people think this way and like, that’s the perspective I have. I’m more of a learner and I give people the grace and the space as I’m processing and as I’m learning and just walk with people through that”

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Lecrae categorically denies the sufficiency and supremacy of God in this interview and essentially says that if you don’t “believe the bible,” then it doesn’t matter what you think about sin. Of course, true Christians know that this is false — Jesus is King whether or not you say you believe in Him. His Word is binding on all people and you are either under His grace or under the curse of the law. Yet, Lecrae denies this and places his and others subjective feelings higher than the Scriptures.

Lecrae was then asked if he’d be in his son’s gay wedding if he asked him to.

“My thing is this,” he responds, “I want to support my son and let him know that I love him…let him know that I care about him. So for me it’s not about–my son’s going to know it’s not about–a wedding, it’s about my dad being supportive of who I am as a person through and through.”

Lecrae then goes on to compare the sinfulness of a homosexual lifestyle to a preference between which sports his son is going to play.

“It’s not about do you agree with this decision or do you agree with this decision. You know my son wants to play football and not basketball. I don’t like that…I want you to play basketball, I don’t want you to play football. But I love you…even if you prefer to play basketball, I love you, the person and I’m going to walk with you. I’m a still be with you for the rest of your life.”

No, it’s nothing like that at all, Lecrae. You’re a liar and you know it. Preference between sports is not a sin and an affront to a Holy God. You know this and you’re deceiving your followers. You are a minister of Satan.

This would explain why last year, Lecrae came out supportive of a gay NFL player who came out of the closet on social media. While it has been clear for some time that Lecrae has embraced the culture and placed his racial identity above his identity in Christ, it’s now becoming clear that he has abandoned the truth of Scripture altogether to embrace the gay-affirming culture because “keeping it real,” “being yourself,” and stuff. The bottom line is that Lecrae, who has made millions off the Christian community, would not be able to survive in his glamorous lifestyle without affirming homosexuality and embracing the culture.


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