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Nine High Profile US Catholic Bishops Sign Statement Declaring God Approves of Homosexuals

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Despite the fact that the Roman Catholic Church is a false church — a harlot masquerading as the Church of Jesus Christ championing a false gospel and worshiping a false Jesus — the institution has nonetheless held strong on certain conservative ideals for centuries. Historically, the Roman Catholic Church has stood against the intrusion of such wickedness as abortion, feminism, and sexual immorality, at least on an official level. But, as with all convictions that aren’t rooted in the objective morality of God’s word, but merely, cultural preference, these convictions too will change.

Under the leadership of the current pope, The Roman Catholic Church has taken a sharp left turn toward many secular-rooted dogmas, including the advancement of world-wide Communism, cultural Marxism, ecumenism, and the advancement of LGBTQ ideology. Francis has even held a mass for “gay Catholics” and endorsed same sex marriage in a recent documentary. He also said that God “loves gay children as they are.”

Now, in the United States, nine Roman Catholic bishops have sign a joint statement declaring that God approves of homosexuality. The statement, titled God Is On Your Side: A Statement from Catholic Bishops on Protecting LGBT Youth, reads, “As we see in the Gospels, Jesus Christ taught love, mercy and welcome for all people, especially for those who felt persecuted or marginalized in any way; and theΒ Catechism of the Catholic ChurchΒ teaches that LGBT people are to be treated with ‘respect, compassion and sensitivity.'”

The statement then goes on to denounce “bullying” — which, in most cases, declaring that God hates sexual immorality is considered “bullying.”

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The statement then finishes, “Most of all, know that God created you, God loves you and God is on your side.” The statement was signed by the following Catholic bishops:

  • Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin
  • Archbishop John C. Wester 
  • Bishop Steven Biegler
  • Bishop John P. Dolan
  • Bishop Thomas Gumbleton
  • Bishop Robert McElroy
  • Bishop Denis Madden 
  • Bishop Ricardo Ramirez 
  • Bishop John Stowe 
  • Bishop Anthony B. Taylor
  • Bishop Edward Weisenburger

There should be no doubt left in anyone’s mind that the Roman Catholic Church — despite it’s centuries-old apostasy — has completely buried its head in the sand of cultural influence and abandoned all conservatism that once kept it thriving in the midst of a secular world. God is clearly separating the sheep and the goats and bringing clarity and purity to His Church by exposing the counterfeit.


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