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JD Greear to Turn March for Life into March for Social Justice, Reparations, and Open Borders

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JD Greear, an unqualified pastor of Summit Church in Raleigh, North Carolina and the illegitimate third-term president of the Southern Baptist Convention has announced his intentions to hijack the traditionally conservative annual March for Life in Washington D.C. and turn it into a pro-social justice movement.

Evangelical leftists, led by leftist Democrats such as Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and The Gospel Coalition founder, Tim Keller, have been trying to hijack the pro-life movement for years. Dubbing the movement “pro-life from womb to tomb” basically discards the traditional anti-abortion movement and replaces it with a movement that advocates for open borders, slave reparations, and other socially-leftist causes.

Ron Burns, who goes by his Islamic nationalist name, Thabiti Anyabwile, is a prominent Southern Baptist pastor who promotes this idea. In a chapel “sermon” at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Burns asserts,

“First, government should protect the rights of the people, especially the vulnerable and the poor…Itโ€™s only when we advocate for all who are destitute, when our pro-life vision is womb-to-tomb, that we really do join God in what heโ€™s doing in the world.”

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This redefinition of “pro-life” is now mainstream thought in Evangelical circles.

Greear, who is slated to speak at the upcoming March for Life in January, will be carrying this nonsense to the event. According to the Baptist Press, Greear “urged Southern Baptists to champion the expansive role a pro-life position demands,”

โ€œOur care does not and should not stop with the delivery, of course,โ€ he said according to the article. โ€œBelievers are committed to loving the child from the womb to the tomb and to assisting the father and mother in crisis. Thatโ€™s why since 1973, Christians have built thousands of crisis pregnancy centers to assist families in crisis.

โ€œDo you want to protect the innocent? Do you want to defend the vulnerable? Do you want to fight systemic injustice? There are few places in our society where such dire urgency meets such clear opportunity. Join me in attending the March for Life in D.C. on January 29th, or at an expression in your city.โ€

Of course, what should we expect from a man who says that hating abortion doesn’t come from the Scriptures, it comes from Fox News, and that Christians are cursed because we don’t fight for “gender justice.” Also, a man who calls on Christians to stand up for LGBTQ rights.

JD Greear and his ilk have embraced a gospel of hopelessness. A system of works-righteousness. A gospel that as foreign to the gospel once and for all delivered to the saints. Their focus isn’t on the truth of Jesus Christ, but pleasing the world. The world loves socialism, Greear’s gospel is just that.


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