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Hallmark’s New “Gay Christmas” Movie Features Homosexuals Trying to Adopt Children

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Last year, Hallmark sparked controversy when gay activists insisted that Hallmark stop trying to instill traditional conservative family values and start promoting sexual aberrancy in their Christmas movie line-up. Reformation Charlotte covered the saga as Hallmark took heat for playing an ad with lesbians kissing and then took more heat when removing the ad.

LGBTQ Nation — a pro-sodomy advocacy website — called on these Lifetime and Hallmark channels to produce and run gay romance movies for Christmas as part of a “diversity” campaign this season. After all, the channels even have movies produced for the “black community” and the “Jewish community” — and everybody knows that gay is the new black. (Not really.)

The pressure worked and Hallmark CEO announced last year that he was now ready and willing to start producing gay Christmas movies. That was fast. And now, Hallmark’s first sodomite Christmas movie is ready to air.

The movie, The Christmas House, was first announced at the LA Times where the scene of the sodomites adopting a child is described as “so beautiful and intimate because this couple has so much love for each other.”

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Puke me a river, will you?

The LA Times writes,

When Jonathan Bennett [who plays one of the sodomites] was first sent the script for “The Christmas House,” his initial thought was, “Who’s my love interest? Who’s my girl?”

It’s an understandable instinct. After all, the project hails from Hallmark Channel, whose annual “Countdown to Christmas” lineup of original movies — a seasonal mainstay both lucrative and beloved — included 23 titles in 2019, none featuring a gay couple. (Prior years’ holiday slates, both on Hallmark Channel and its sister network, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, were similarly straightforward.)

As it turned out, Bennett‘s love interest wasn’t a woman at all: Instead, he’ll play half of the first gay couple highlighted in the network’s heavily watched holiday programming. “My jaw practically hit the ground,” he recalled. “And then I read the script, and I was in tears. I thought, is this really happening? This is groundbreaking.”

What’s really going on is a caving of every aspect of life to the LGBTQ mafia. If you don’t celebrate their movement — tolerance isn’t enough — then you will be canceled. It’s that simple.


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