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BLM Protesters Rampage a McDonald’s, Verbally and Physically Assault Black Owner

by | Sep 8, 2020 | News, Social-Issues, Terrorism, Video | 0 comments

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If you think that Black Lives Matter has anything at all to do with black lives, you have completely lost your mind. This group isn’t about black lives, or even black welfare for that matter. This group hates businesses, hates Capitalism, and hates business owners and their only desire is the complete and total destruction of a Capitalist society.

In this video, Black Lives Matter rampage into a McDonald’s restaurant in Pittsburgh, PA, and physically and verbally assault the store manager who is also a black man. They don’t care about his life. They don’t care about his wellbeing. They only care that he’s a business owner who represents an economic system that they hate.

As you can see, the store owner, Ed, as the verbal and physical threat increases, he tries to defend himself and his store. Unfortunately, the violent terrorist mob has no sympathy and they only increase their attacks.

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