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Village Church Pastor Says if Paul Were Here Today, He’d Write a Letter Endorsing Beth Moore

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It has to be exhausting — not to mention a monumental undertaking — to continually elevate, apologize for, and defend the indefensible. It is widely known by anyone who stands on the authority of God’s Word as believers that Beth Moore is a false teacher.

Beth Moore has exposed herself as full-on egalitarian feminazi — that is, one who rejects the biblical model for the roles of men and women — and has launched a tirade against biblical womanhood. She has practically embraced homosexuality and has joined hands with gay activists a number of times for various causes — usually for opposing the biblical view on something. She has refused to denounce homosexuality as sinful and says that doing so is “exceeding Scripture.”

She has joined the chorus on the liberal left in denouncing white people and always assuming the worst about straight, white males. She promotes unity with well known false teachers like Joyce Meyer and has even declared that spending time in God’s Word is not the same thing as spending time with God.

She’s a mocker and has referred to those who go to bed early on Saturday nights for church as “trolls.” And she has made a habit of using acronyms for cuss words to “rebuke” her “fellow leaders.” Bottom line, she has no respect for the authority of God’s Word.

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And after John MacArthur opened a can of worms by publicly admonishing her to “go home,” Beth Moore struck back by calling MacArthur a misogynist. Yet, the only people out there defending her are gays, liberals, and charismatics.

Some of Moore’s defenders include Kris Vallotton, a false apostle out of Bethel Church, Redding, a gay Anglican priest, Sam Allberry, totally woke, liberal SBC president, J.D. Greear, and, of course, “an SBC that doesn’t have a place for Beth Moore doesn’t have a place for a lot of us,” Russell Moore.

Now, joining the chorus of Beth Moore apologists is J.T. English, a pastor alongside Matt Chandler at The Village Church. English takes his defense a step further — he puts Words in the Apostle Paul’s mouth claiming that if Paul were writing to the American Church today, he’d endorse Beth Moore and Karen Swallow Prior.

Of course, it should come as no surprise since The Village Church is a charismatic bed of false prophecy — in fact, Village Church senior pastor, Matt Chandler, was recently denounced at John MacArthur’s Truth Matters conference as a false prophet. Chandler himself is a fan of Ann Voskamp — a woman who says she flew to Paris to make love to God (Yes, she actually said that.) He said she was his favorite author.

The influx of liberal, feminist, postmodernism in the Evangelical Church –particularly the Southern Baptist denomination — is unprecedented. That one would have the gall to speculate what one of the Apostles might write under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit amounts to speaking presumptuously on behalf of God. And that Paul would endorse a demonstrably false teacher like Beth Moore is beyond astounding — it’s totally absurd. But this is the world we’re in and this is what the remnant of God is up against. These are the people who are going to define what the visible Church looks like for the foreseeable future.

Lord Jesus return soon.


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