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Jemar Tisby Says Working Around Too Many White People Can Adversely Affect Your Mental Health

by | Sep 24, 2019 | Blog, Politics | 0 comments

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Jemar Tisby is one of the leading agitators of the modern racial division in Evangelical churches in America. He regularly incites hatred and division between blacks and whites by indicting all white people with the inherent guilt of former white American slave owners simply by the virtue of the color of their skin and insisting that all white people are obligated to self-atone for their inherent sin through various and unending reparative acts.

Jemar Tisby is a former professor at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, the president of The Witness, and the author of the book, The Color of Compromise (which we reviewed here). Tisby, a proponent of social justice purports to be a teacher and minister of God’s word. He is well known in New Calvinist and even in Reformed circles and a favorite among progressive Evangelical outlets such as The Gospel Coalition. In a nutshell, he probably has a lot of influence in your evangelical church.

Tisby’s focus is not on the gospel and the saving grace of Jesus Christ. It is clear that Tisby lacks any serious understanding of the gospel. Tisby’s primary life focus is on creating division through a secular worldview which, in turn, attracts worldly and carnal-minded people — not Christians.

Today, Jemar Tisby announced on Twitter that if churches are focused on “racial equity,” then churches need to pay for racial trauma (a term coined by Kyle Howard who is a self-described “racial trauma counselor”) therapy for black people because, well, working around too many white people can adversely affect one’s mental health.

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Of course, this is ludicrous and is not grounded in anything medical, logical — or even remotely biblical. It stems from a deficient and sub-Biblical epistemology and worldview which is rooted in the anti-white racism of the Marxist ideology known as Critical Race Theory.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) emerged as an offshoot of Critical Theory, a neo-Marxist philosophy that has its roots in the Frankfurt School and its methods are drawn from Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud. CRT teaches that institutional racism exists within every structure of society and that these structures are intrinsically designed in such a manner as to protect and preserve “white supremacy” in our culture. Further, CRT does not rely on factual statistics or objective evidence to support the theory, rather it relies on anecdotal evidence and personal experience.

Tisby has fully immersed himself in the carnality of his own sinful desires which are rooted in pride, greed, and covetousness. Tisby sees the world’s problems not through the lens of fallen humanity — all of which are guilty of the sin of Adam and need the forgiveness of Jesus Christ — but of the divisiveness of racialism. Yet, Tisby is one of the most influential voices in the Evangelical woke church.

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