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Most Evangelical Leaders Have No Idea How the Gospel Works

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The Evangelical-Industrial Complex has long departed the historic and Biblical Christian faith and exchanged it for a system of emperors who have nothing better to do than to build and protect their own kingdoms. This can’t be better displayed than in the modern visible Church. The gospel has become nothing more than meaningless platitude upon which to garner an audience to pitch their latest sales to.

How the Church presents itself to the culture is invaluable as it is nothing more than a mere presentation of customer service to a base of largely unregenerate consumers. Evangelicalism has a product to sell and that product needs to be presentable to the largest base of buyers possible. It is, in a sense, a growing industry niche.

Littered with corporate mega-structures, the Evangelical landscape is run by corporate CEOs who, instead of having a heart to see lost people come to Christ, would rather spend time climbing the denominational ladder preserving the interest of themselves. And in order to do so, the gospel has to be altered, redefined, to something far more palatable to this unregenerate base. Why? Because the true gospel would run the vast majority of pew sitters out of their churches.

Two of the most prominent movements to redefine the gospel in the Evangelical Church are the social justice movement and the same-sex attracted “Christian” movement — and I am fully convinced that those pushing these movements have no idea how the gospel actually works.

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One prominent “gay Christian” ministry, Living Out, has been under fire recently for its open promotion of sexually immoral living among homosexuals who claim Christ. Led by Sam Allberry, a gay Anglican priest, the ministry has been widely promoted and supported in Evangelical circles including The Gospel Coalition (TGC), The Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), and Ravi Zacharias Ministry (RZIM). While Reformation Charlotte has been reporting on this ministry for some time, it wasn’t until this series of articles came out at Alpha and Omega Ministry that prompted a widespread outcry against the ministry and those leaders who continuously promote it.

In response to the uproar, it was quickly noted that ERLC president, Russell Moore’s endorsement of Living Out had quietly disappeared from the Living Out website. It was then reported at the Biblical Recorder that Russell Moore was previously unaware that the endorsement had been withdrawn, and a spokesperson for the ERLC stated,

In every age, there are boys and girls, and men and women, who grapple with same-sex attraction. Many of them likely wonder whether Christianity has any answers for them. Some of them likely fear that the church would be a place where they would be met not with love but with scorn. [Moore’s] hope is for a great multitude of churches and ministries standing at the ready to walk alongside those seeking to stay faithful to the gospel and to a Christian sexual ethic – providing resources, community, gospel, and hope to address these particular struggles and all others.

This statement is a remarkable display of gospel ignorance and clearly shows a lack of understanding of how the gospel actually works. Yes, there are people of every age who struggle with homosexual attraction. This is called sin. But here’s the thing — they do not sit around and wonder if Christianity has any answers for them. The Bible teaches that we are dead in our trespasses and sins (Ephesians 2:1) and that nobody seeks God (Romans 3:10-11).

You see, Russell Moore and his “spokesperson” — and the vast majority of figureheads in the Evangelical Church — are trying to convince us that we need to accept homosexuals in our churches and that this is the gospel. By “meeting with them with scorn,” they actually mean having not tolerance of sin in the Church — and the Bible commands us to purge them from the ranks (1 Corinthians 5:13).

Homosexuality is a sin (1 Corinthians 6:9). Lust, even when not physically acted upon, is a sinful desire of the heart (Romans 1:24, Matthew 5:28). It must be confronted with the gospel, and the gospel cannot be compromised. But these men are worried that we’re going to lose people in the Church if we don’t “soften our tone” or become more tolerant of homosexuals. The true Christian who understands the gospel knows that God is sovereign over that — that God alone builds His Church. He doesn’t need our help, he needs our obedience.

Do we really want or need unregenerate homosexuals filling our Churches in order to keep the numbers up and the money flowing in? Empire-builders do.

When God saves His elect, he doesn’t do it through a false gospel that gives people a false hope. Only God’s true gospel saves people, and unless people are confronted with the truth, see the depravity of their heart and soul and their dire need for a savior in Jesus Christ, and respond with faith and repentance, then what good does it do to have them filling our pews?

The true Church does have this to offer, but the vast majority of Evangelicalism does not.


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