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Living Out Removes Much of its Gay Filth From Website

by | Apr 1, 2019

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Living Out is a website tied to the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and The Gospel Coalition that promotes a celibate but openly gay lifestyle among professing Christians. Sam Allberry, the most prominent leader of the ministry has been under fire recently for not only the content of the website he runs, but for statements he makes and positions he holds in other public arenas.

Allberry has advocated for a redefinition of the family to include homosexuals in the church, even suggesting that church families open their homes and share their children with them. Allberry’s website, Living Out, has promoted a lot of homosexual propaganda, including the normalization of same-sex lust and the viability of same-sex couples, including ones with children, continuing to live together in intimate physical relationships so long as they fall short of bodily penetration.

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These articles have since been removed, but we have screenshots of any in question. A recent post on the Living Out website states,

This website has been up and running for nearly six years now and we are very grateful for the chance it has given us to share our stories and perspectives with the wider world. We have been so encouraged to hear how Christian sisters and brothers from many different countries and churches have been helped by what we’ve shared. 

New human resources mean that we are now in the position to review the whole site and its content. This is well-timed because recent scrutiny – which we welcome – has highlighted a number of examples of material that have left us open to unhelpful misinterpretation. We want to correct this – where possible. We also want to take this opportunity to improve the functionality of the website, as well as the range of experiences and questions we cover.

To help us do this we’d love you to get in contact with feedback on what you’ve found helpful – or not. What about our website is good, bad – or ugly? Where could we be misheard? What is missing? What should we never change?! All you need to do is email us your thoughts here. We look forward to getting your response and improving Living Out as a result.

Thank you.

Ed, Sam & Sean

We hope that by this move, Living Out and it’s supporters have come to a realization that this kind of sexual perversion is incompatible with biblical Christianity and will no longer be tolerated. We pray that these men will repent of these vile affections.



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