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R.I.P. Indi Gregory, Another Casualty of Universal Healthcare

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In the wake of a heart-wrenching legal battle, the world bids farewell to Indi Gregory, an eight-month-old girl whose struggle has ended not by irremediable natural causes, but by a system that claims to protect the very essence of life. Indi, born into a world of modern medical marvels, faced a daunting challenge from the onset of her life. Critically ill, she became not just a patient, but a symbol of a much larger conflict—one where government intervention in healthcare decides the fate of the most vulnerable.

Overnight, the U.K. government stole this child away from her parents and murdered her. Indi passed away. “Indi’s life ended at 01.45am,” her father said according to Sky News. “Claire and I are angry, heartbroken and ashamed.”

The recent events surrounding Indi Gregory’s life and untimely passing are a stark testament to the overreach of government in matters of life and death. The decision to remove life support from this innocent child was not just a medical verdict but a chilling demonstration of governmental power over individual lives. This intervention represents a grim reality where bureaucrats, not doctors or families, hold the reins of life.

In a remarkable display of compassion and commitment to preserving life, the Italian government extended a generous offer, even granting her citizenship, to cover all medical expenses for Indi to move to Italy and give her the best chance at life. This gesture brought the family hope, aiming to provide Indi with every possible opportunity for survival and medical care. Despite this international outreach and the willingness to shoulder the financial burden, the judge presiding over the case remained unmoved.

The crux of the issue lies in the government’s role in healthcare, a role that has morphed from provider to ultimate arbiter. The case of Indi Gregory is not an isolated incident but a manifestation of a broader, more concerning trend where the state decides who lives and who dies. This is the materialization of the so-called “death panels”—a concept once dismissed as alarmist but now frighteningly tangible.

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A Christian worldview affirms the sanctity of life, recognizing that every breath is a gift from God. In contrast, the government’s intrusion into healthcare, especially in life-and-death decisions, directly opposes this fundamental belief. When the state assumes the authority to terminate life, it not only usurps a role reserved for God alone but also erodes the inherent value of every human being.

The tragedy of Indi Gregory is a wake-up call to reevaluate the role of government in healthcare. It is a grim reminder that when the state becomes the ultimate judge of life’s worth, the most innocent among us pay the highest price. The biblical principle of the sanctity of life should guide our approach to healthcare, ensuring that decisions about life and death remain in the hands of those who value life above all.

In remembering Indi, let us reaffirm our commitment to promoting ideas that uphold life, respect individual dignity, and recognize that some decisions should never be in the hands of the government. Her story is not just a loss but a warning—a warning that life, in all its stages, must be protected from the overreach of those who wield power without understanding the true value of a single, precious life.


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