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Biden Admin Targets Conservative Christian Family for Deportation While Ignoring Millions of Illegals

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The Biden administration’s hypocrisy on immigration is nothing short of a calculated assault on conservativism and Christianity. While turning a blind eye to the mass influx of illegal migrants at the Southern Border, they have zeroed in on law-abiding, conservative Christian families—like the Romeikes—who are fleeing real, palpable persecution. This isn’t simply ineptitude or mismanagement on behalf of the Biden and leftists in charge of the nation—this is a targeted campaign to expel people who hold views antithetical to the liberal status quo. And it’s a blatant betrayal of America’s founding principles of religious freedom and refuge, revealing the administration’s willingness to sacrifice this founding national value for radical ideological conformity.

Let’s start with the Romeike family, who escaped Germany’s stifling restrictions on homeschooling, a practice they adopted to instill in their children the Christian faith. German authorities imposed fines and penalties on the family, undermining their ability to educate their children in a way that is consistent with their deeply held beliefs. So they came to America, the “land of the free,” and were initially granted asylum, acknowledging the persecution they faced in their homeland. However, under appeal from the U.S. Department of Justice, their asylum was revoked. These are law-abiding people who respect the rules and the system and have contributed to American society.

Contrast that with the dire situation at the Southern Border, where a surge of illegal immigrants has continued to flow unabated since the Biden administration further loosened border regulations. From the outset, it’s clear that the vast majority of these illegals have neither been vetted properly nor face the same kind of intense scrutiny that the Romeike family has endured for years. The administration is clearly applying a double standard that turns a blind eye to illegal immigration while targeting conservative families who have gone through the legal process and have a proven case of persecution.

The Romeikes and families like them actually fulfill the historical and moral criteria America has set for refugees. They are victims of oppressive policies that infringe on their religious freedom, one of the cornerstone rights upon which the United States was founded. By denying them asylum, we are turning our backs on our own history and the values we claim to hold dear.

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It’s worth asking why a family, who has shown years of compliance with the law, is being asked to prepare for deportation while countless criminals cross the border illegally and simply disappear into the night without repercussions. Clearly, the administration is less concerned with the rule of law and more focused on fulfilling campaign promises that cater to their voter base.

Where is the justice in abandoning a family that sought refuge in the United States because they were being penalized for exercising their God-given right to raise their children according to their faith? If the Romeikes are sent back to Germany, they will face not only fines but a system that will persecute them for their beliefs.

The United States has always been a sanctuary for those persecuted for their faith. The government should not be in the business of grading which types of persecution are more valid than others, especially while turning a blind eye to illegal immigration. This discriminatory treatment poses a troubling question: is the freedom to practice our sincerely held Christian faith still a cherished American value, or is it just a political pawn? The Biden administration’s treatment of the Romeike family offers a discouraging answer.


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