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Texas (False) “Church” Opens Pregnancy Center That Transports People from Texas to Neighboring States for Abortions

by | Apr 30, 2024 | Abortion, Apostasy, Cult, heresy, LGBTQ Issues, News, Opinion, Politics, Religion, Social-Issues, US

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In the current cultural and religious climate where the line between biblical truth and personal convenience increasingly blurs, the announcement by the Truth Pregnancy Resource Center in Dallas is a reminder of just how far some people will go to justify sin—even murder—in the name of Christ.

The Unitarian Church, a false church masquerading as part of the bride of Christ, has long rejected the authority of Scripture and has instead embraced man-made traditions that align more with secular humanism and demonic influence than with anything remotely resembling the teachings of Christ.

The Unitarian “church,” in its advocacy, prioritizes themes like abortion rights, the LGBTQ movement, and a nebulous concept of social justice that are opposed to fundamental biblical morality—the sanctity of life, the created order of male and female as God ordained, and justice rooted in God’s nature and character rather than human standards. Of course, all these wicked, anti-life ideologies always accompany each other (Proverbs 8:36) and reveals a troubling evolution: traditional idols of gold and silver have been replaced with modern idols of comfort, convenience, and political correctness.

As I always say, these people would be much better off removing the name of Christ from their lips altogether as it will go easier for them on the day of judgment.

This so-called “Truth Pregnancy Resource Center,” supported by this First Unitarian Church of Dallas, exemplifies this complete and total apostasy. For a “church” that touts itself on “building community,” one must wonder how they are building a community when they are systematically killing their future members in the womb.

Positioning itself as a beacon of “fact-based care,” the center’s primary role—masked beneath layers of progressive rhetoric about reproductive justice—is to facilitate access to child murder, particularly directing Texas residents to states where abortion remains legal. This blatantly disregards Texas’s legislative efforts to protect unborn life, an endeavor rooted in a desire to uphold biblical values concerning the sanctity of life.

From their website:

“The Truth Pregnancy Resource Center is how we serve those who have been misled by ‘Crisis Pregnancy Centers’ with honest interpretations of sonograms and real solutions to their needs including non-discriminatory adoption, pregnancy information and referral and abortion options in states that can help them,” said Daniel Kanter, senior minister at First Unitarian Church of Dallas. “The war on the poor in Texas has been ongoing from the removal of rights and access to abortion to cutting childhood insurance and public-school funding. We can address this by being a loving, honest resource for those in need.”

In truth, the center is less about providing unbiased care and more about advocating for abortion under the guise of necessity and rights. This misrepresentation of its own mission should raise red flags for anyone upholding biblical truth, as it not only undermines the sanctity of life but also actively promotes a culture where convenience and self-worshiop trump moral responsibility. The narrative pushed by the First Unitarian Church and its affiliated resource center is a clear reflection of their ultimate allegiance—not to the inerrant Word of God, but to a cultural zeitgeist that values autonomy above ethical absolutes.

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This strategy, adopted by the Truth Pregnancy Resource Center, is a calculated one, ensuring the continuation of practices that are not only unbiblical but inherently destructive to life and our society’s moral fiber. By positioning themselves as arbiters of so-called reproductive justice, they effectively wage a war not just against the unborn, but against the very principles that form the foundation of Christian doctrine.

As followers of Christ and believers in the Bible as the ultimate authority on truth and morality, it is mandatory that we recognize and call out these distortions of Christianity, marking them for avoidance (Romans 16:17-18). This should be a reminder that we wage war not against the flesh, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12). These demons masquerading as angels of light will stop at no lengths to carry out their murderous desires against the innocent, and they will name the name of Christ while doing it.

This should be a moment of reflection on the erosion of true biblical faith in public life, a reminder of the ongoing struggle against a culture that would rather redefine morality than submit to divine authority.

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